What caliber is a Hawken?

How big is a 54 caliber?

What caliber is a Hawken?

.54 caliber
Hawken rifle

Hawken Type Plains Rifle
Caliber Round shot, averaged .54 caliber
Action Flintlock/percussion lock (after about 1835)
Rate of fire User-dependent
Muzzle velocity Variable

How big is a 54 caliber?

5 inches
United States naval gun terminology indicates the gun fires a projectile 5 inches (127.0 mm) in diameter, and the barrel is 54 calibers long (barrel length is 5″ × 54 = 270″ or 6.9 meters.)

Is Thompson Center still in business?

On January 4, 2007, Thompson/Center was purchased by Smith & Wesson. On December 8, 2010, Smith & Wesson announced that the original Rochester, New Hampshire plant would be closed and manufacturing was transferred to Springfield, Massachusetts.

How much powder does a 50 caliber muzzleloader take?

An accurate rifle-bullet-powder combination will easily shoot 1-inch groups at 50 yards and 3-inch groups at 100. If groups are wider with the above loads, reduce powder charge by 5- to 10 grains.

How long is a Hawken rifle?

Product Information

Black Powder Caliber 50 Caliber
Weight 7.875 Pounds
Overall Length 44.5 Inches
Barrel Length 28 Inches
Twist 1:48

How many grains of black powder do I need for a 50 caliber pistol?

A . 50-caliber muzzleloader with a 1-32 to 1-38 twist rate should do well with the same sabots and conicals with a propellant charge in the 85- to 90-grain range.

How good is this Hawken 50 caliber barrel?

This is a standard Thompson Center 50 caliber Hawken barrel in very good condition. The only problem with the barrel is that the prior owner had two holes drilled and tapped at the rear for a scope mount. Other than that. The bore, sights and overall condition is very good. The blued finish is weak. Should be an accurate shooter.

How big is the barrel on a Thompson Center Hawken?

Thompson Center drop-in barrel, .54 caliber with 1-66″ twist for a patched round ball. 15/16″ octagon by 32″ length. Percussion ignition for Thompson Center Hawken rifles.

What is the serial number of a Hawken rifle?

Serial number- K2497. THE HAWKEN RIFLE The Hawken rifle is generally shorter and of a larger caliber than earlier Kentucky Rifles. It was popular in the mid-nineteenth century.

How big is the barrel on a heritage Hawken rifle?

Muzzleloading. Blackpowder,Traditions Heritage Hawken Barrel Rib14 1/2″ W/3screws This is a rib barrel 14 1/2″ long with 3 screws that came off of a Traditions Heritage Hawken Rifle. For fastest delivery we accept PayPal. We also accept VISA, Master Card, Discover.