What do RockShox bottomless tokens do?

What do RockShox bottomless tokens do?

RockShox forks offer the ability to adjust how much the air spring ramps up using red colored volume spacers known as Bottomless Tokens. These Tokens add bottom out support and alter the ride height, which can be great for aggressive riders.

How many bottomless tokens should I use?

Check your fork against the chart below to see if you’re running the correct number of spacers. “For more aggressive riders, I recommend one or two tokens at 160mm”, explains Cancellier. “For each 10mm decrease in travel, I add one token. For example, 150mm would be two or three tokens, 140mm three or four tokens etc.”

Do bottomless tokens reduce travel?

Those tokens reduce the volume of the air spring, they do not reduce travel. The piston does not ever contact the token.

How many tokens is 130mm pike?

3 tokens. 90 psi. Two clicks off full of low speed compression to stop it diving. Nice and plush on the small stuff, ramps up nicely when I need it.

What is a bottomless token?

What is a Bottomless Token? Bottomless Tokens Jonny Ashelford / Immediate Media. This is RockShox’s name for its air fork volume spacers (air shock spacers are known as Bottomless Rings). Grey tokens fit in Revelation, Pike, Yari, Lyrik and BoXXer forks, while red ones are slightly wider and only fit in the Pike.

Do I need fork tokens?

If you blow through your fork’s travel too quickly or find yourself bottoming out too often even with correct sag, you should consider using these tokens. Adding bottomless tokens change the spring curve to make your fork more progressive. This means it will ramp up quicker and require more force to bottom out.

What are shock tokens?

Tokens and bands are basically the same thing in forks or rear shock. The suspension is using air springs. the Tokens and bands are used to reduce the volume inside the air chamber. This change of size is used to effect the way the air pressure increases in the air chamber.

Does RockShox pike have lockout?

There was also a strong demand from Germany for a Pike fork with a remote lockout. Unfortunately, due to the original Charger damper having a pretty heavy action, fitting a lockout proved problematic, so RockShox redesigned it.