What do you do with buttons for kids?

What do you do with buttons for kids?

26 Bright Ways to Use Buttons for Learning

  1. Master buttoning skills.
  2. Make button sorting cups.
  3. Play a game of tic-tac-toe.
  4. Add and subtract with Pete the Cat.
  5. Explore a button sensory bin.
  6. Spin a button whirligig.
  7. Build a button tower.
  8. Spell with button letters.

What can I make with craft buttons?

26 Innovative and Beautiful Button Crafts and Projects

  1. Button Bowl.
  2. Quick Bookmarks.
  3. Simple Wall Art.
  4. Oh Christmas Tree.
  5. Beautified Button Shoes.
  6. Fridge Magnets.
  7. Necklaces.
  8. Bracelets.

What can you make with old buttons?

21 Frugal Uses for Grandma’s Button Box

  1. Make a Set of Magnets. Bring a cohesive look to your fridge with fabric-covered magnets that go from vintage to modern within minutes.
  2. Embellish a Napkin.
  3. Upcycle a Pretty Frame.
  4. Make a Set of Pushpins.
  5. Fill a Vase.
  6. Make a Bookmark.
  7. Craft a Pretty Card.
  8. Embellish a Tote Bag or Purse.

How do you make a caterpillar button?


  1. Begin by applying glue to one button at a time and press it to the craft stick.
  2. Create the first layer on the craft stick.
  3. Once all of your buttons have been glued on and the body made, focus on the head.
  4. Add some glue to your googly eyes and press to the face of the caterpillar.

What can I use as a button?

Alternatives to Buttons & Buttonholes

  • Velcro. Sewing Velcro is often my first preference when I am looking for alternatives to buttons.
  • Kam Snaps. I only started using these recently but I LOVE them!
  • Sew on Press Studs (Snaps) These have been around forever!
  • Snap tape.
  • Hook and Eyes.

What can you use buttons for?

10 Clever Ways to Use Buttons All Over the House

  • of 10. Make Magnets.
  • of 10. Craft a Clippy Bookmark.
  • of 10. Secure a Hand Towel.
  • of 10. Keep Earrings Paired.
  • of 10. Play a Game.
  • of 10. Fix Broken Jeans.
  • of 10. Add Flair to Gift Wrap.
  • of 10.

How do I make button art on canvas?

  1. Choose a design and draw it in pencil on your canvas.
  2. Paint the background.
  3. Start painting the rest of your design.
  4. Using a paint stick (or just a brush with paint), outline the different shapes in your design.
  5. Go thru your buttons and group the colors you need.

What glue do you use for button art?

Original Tacky Glue
Luckily, Tacky Glue’s fast tacking, super strong bonding properties are great for using to glue buttons to other surfaces and make Original Tacky Glue the best glue for button art.