What does 600 WOG on ball valve mean?

What does DN mean on ball valve?

What does 600 WOG on ball valve mean?

for Water, Oil and Gas
The common method of stating the pressure rating of ball valves is in terms of WOG. The WOG rating specifies the maximum pressure per square inch that a valve can handle while the WOG indicates the valve is suitable for Water, Oil and Gas. U.S. Valve offers 400 WOG, 600 WOG, and 1,000 WOG ball valves.

What does DN mean on ball valve?

Diameter Nominal
DN stands for ‘Diameter Nominal’. Put simply, it is a rough translation of mm from imperial sizes, assuming that an inch is 25mm. We refer to a 12″ flange as DN300, when in fact it is 304mm. Please use the table below for your reference and if you have any other questions, please ask the Just Valves team.

Where are Kitz ball valves made?

As an ISO 9001 certified valve manufacturer, KITZ Corporation has achieved a high degree of product standardization by combining up-to-date technical know-how and a uniquely integrated system of production at its Nagasaka Plant, Yamanashi, Japan.

What does SWP stand for on a valve?

The Steam Working Pressure (SWP) rating, sometimes known as Working Steam Pressure (WSP), indicates the maximum allowable pressure from hot, vaporized water.

What does CSP mean on a valve?

Cold Working Pressure
The maximum working pressure (pounds per square inch) at which a valve can be operated. The. maximum working pressures for various pressure classes, per Table 2.1 ot`API-GD, within temperature limits of —20°F and +100°F, are as follows: CLASS MWP (CWP)

What is DN valve size?

DN stands for diametre nominal, which denotes the size of a pipe (specifically, its inside diameter) in millimeters (mm). NPS, or nominal pipe size, is merely the non-metric equivalent in which the diameter is measured in inches (in.).

What is floating ball valve?

Floating ball valves are the most common type of valve used in industrial piping systems. These valves are designed so that as the seats begin to wear the pressure from the media flowing through the valve will force the ball against the downstream seat to maintain a tight seal.

What does Cf8m mean on a valve?

Introduction of Cf8m Ball Valve ‘C’ is for ‘corrosion-resistance’ while ‘F’ represents a blend of iron, nickel, and chromium in different percentages. The number ‘8’ denotes the carbon content in the alloy and ‘M’ stands for Molybdenum.

What does SWP mean on a ball valve?