What does Aagbi stand for?


What does Aagbi stand for?


Acronym Definition
AAGBI Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland

How do you do a two bag test on an anaesthetic machine?

Two-bag test

  1. Attach the patient-end of the breathing system (including angle piece and filter) to a test lung or bag.
  2. Set the fresh gas flow to 5 l. min−1 and ventilate manually.
  3. Check the function of the APL valve by squeezing both bags.
  4. Turn on the ventilator to ventilate the test lung.

How do you check a scavenging anesthesia machine?

If the scavenging collection bag becomes too distended, the positive-pressure relief valve will open and allow WAG to escape into the room. If suction/vacuum on the scavenging interface is set too high, then there is potential for the active scavenging system to pull fresh gas away from the patient.

What is the name of the check list that we should use for checking the anaesthetic machine?

The use of routine checks and associated checklists is an important part of training in anaesthesia, and is part of the RCoA’s Competency Based Training. This checklist is an abbreviated version of the publication by the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland ‘Checking Anaesthesia Equipment 2012’.

Who checks anaesthetic machine?

The anaesthetist has a responsibility to understand the function of anaesthetic equipment and to check it before use.

Why is it important to check the Anaesthetic machine?

The purpose of this detailed check is to ensure the machine is safe to use. The careful attention to the check is a reflection of good practice which the practitioner’s codes of professional practice demand (HPC 2004, NMC 2004).

What is hypoxic guard?

Hypoxic guard systems are one of the safety systems in anesthesia machines that are designed to avoid the risk of delivering a hypoxic gas mixture to the patient during general anesthesia.

What does a scavenger do on an anesthetic machine?

Purpose of scavenging Definition Scavenging is the collection and removal of vented anesthetic gases from the OR. Since the amount of anesthetic gas supplied usually far exceeds the amount necessary for the patient, OR pollution (and the consequent threat to occupational health) is decreased by scavenging.

What does a scavenger unit do?

A scavenger system is a medical device used in hospitals. It is used to gather gas or aerosolized medication after it is exhaled from the patient or left the area of the patient.

Why do we check the anaesthetic machine?

A pre-use check to ensure the correct functioning of anaesthetic equipment is essential to patient safety. The anaesthetist has a primary responsibility to understand the function of the anaesthetic equipment and to check it before use.