What does allege mean in law?

To claim a fact is true

What does allege mean in law?

To claim a fact is true

What does nominate mean?

: to formally choose (someone) as a candidate for a job, position, office, etc. : to choose (someone) for a job, position, office, etc. : to choose (someone or something) as a candidate for receiving an honor or award.

What is the opposite of lamented?

Opposite of to feel or express regret, grief or disappointment. celebrate. delight. joy. rejoice.

What is allegation mean?

1 : the act of alleging something. 2 : a positive assertion especially of misconduct Some former colleagues have made serious allegations against him. specifically : a statement by a party to a legal action of what the party undertakes to prove.

What is the meaning of amorphous?

1a : having no definite form : shapeless an amorphous cloud mass. b : being without definite character or nature : unclassifiable an amorphous segment of society. c : lacking organization or unity an amorphous style of writing.

What does allegedly mean?

according to what has been claimed

What do you call a person who makes an allegation?

Dictionary of american slang. Alligator — A person who makes allegations.

What does anguish mean in the Bible?

anguish: deep and enduring physical, mental or spiritual distress, not readily eased. Spiritual: One struggling with the question of God’s existence; one struggling with the guilt of causing someone pain.

What is the opposite of languor?

languor. Antonyms: strength, vigor, freshness, energy, lithesomeness. Synonyms: lassitude, weariness, weakness.

What is proof of allegation?

An allegation is an accusation, which is sometimes true and sometimes not. If you say your sister stole a candy bar but you don’t have any proof that she did it, you have made an allegation. In the legal system, an allegation is a formal claim against someone.

What is difference between accusation and allegation?

As nouns the difference between accusation and allegation is that accusation is the act of accusing while allegation is an assertion, especially an accusation, not necessarily based on facts.

Is agony an emotion?

Agony is a state of severe, usually extended, physical, mental, or emotional suffering. Emotional agony is a type of severe psychological pain that some of us may experience at some point in our lives for a short or an extended period of time.

What can cause anguish?

People with mental illnesses like melancholia or depression may feel anguish. Anguish may be a factor in a mental breakdown. Chronic pain (or pain lasting longer than six months) can cause anguish. The brain disease dementia can cause those who have it to experience anguish.

Can emotional pain change a person?

Emotional Pain but Not Physical Pain Can Damage Our Self-Esteem and Long-Term Mental Health: Physical pain has to be quite extreme to affect our personalities and damage our mental health (again, unless the circumstances are emotionally traumatic as well) but even single episodes of emotional pain can damage our …

What does accusing someone mean?

English Language Learners Definition of accuse : to blame (someone) for something wrong or illegal : to say that someone is guilty of a fault or crime.

Is anguish a feeling?

Anguish (from the Latin angustia “distress”) is “extreme unhappiness caused by physical or mental suffering.” The feeling of suffering from anguish is typically preceded by a tragedy or event that has a profound meaning to the being in question.

What is the opposite of supposedly?

We have listed all the opposite words for supposedly alphabetically. improbably. astonishingly. extraordinarily. implausibly.