What does C mean in GTA V?

That means they’re in your crew.

What does C mean in GTA V?

That means they’re in your crew.

What happens if you choose C in GTA 5?

After Weston leaves, Franklin is given a set of three options on his cell phone, Kill Trevor (A), Kill Michael (B), or Deathwish (C). Choosing choice C leads to this mission and has Franklin meet Lester at his place after calling him. Franklin tells him how Haines wants Trevor killed and Weston wants Michael killed.

Where are the Peyotes in GTA V?


  • Land. North Point, Paleto Bay.
  • Sea. Paleto Bay, offshore just northeast of the FlyUS submerged wreck next to a natural archway.
  • Air. Mt Chiliad summit.
  • Air. Northeastern face of Mt Chiliad.
  • Land. Mount Gordo, beside a small lake west of the Yoga mat.
  • Sea. Northwest corner of the Alamo Sea, underwater.
  • Land.
  • Air.

Where is the plant that turns you into a animal in GTA 5?

The first special animal you can turn into is Franklin’s dog Chop from the main GTA 5 story. This Peyote plant is found on the top side of South Los Santos, towards Downtown.

What is big con GTA?

Description. The Big Con approach is focused on the players using disguises to gain access to the basement of the Casino to steal the loot, then optionally using a new disguise to evade the enemies during the getaway or fighting their way out.

Can you get Peyotes in GTA 5 Online?

A Peyote Plant found in GTA Online. Peyote Plants are a seasonal collectible in Grand Theft Auto Online, added as part of the continuation of the The Diamond Casino & Resort update, released on October 31, 2019, during the Halloween Surprise 2019 event.

What Animals Can you turn into in GTA 5?

The following is a list of which animals the player can be transformed into:

  • Land animals & birds: Boar. Border Collie. Cat. Chicken. Cougar. Great Cormorant. Coyote. Cow. Crow. Elk. Husky. Pig. Pigeon. Poodle. Pug. Rabbit. Golden Retriever. Rottweiler.
  • Sea creatures: Dolphin. Fish. Hammerhead shark. Killer Whale. Stingray. Tiger Shark.