What does COP mean in clothing?

What does COP mean in clothing?

In the context of shoes or clothes, it’s a phrase used by Instagram pages to ask followers, would you buy this (cop) or no (drop)? See a translation. Report copyright infringement.

What does 12 mean in graffiti?

12: A reference for police

What is COP in finance?

A certificate of participation (COP) is a type of financing where an investor purchases a share of the lease revenues of a program rather than the bond being secured by those revenues.

What does COP mean in slang?

copped; copping. Definition of cop (Entry 2 of 4) transitive verb. 1 slang : to get hold of : catch, capture also : purchase. 2 slang : steal, swipe.

What is Sir full form?

A viral WhatsApp message says the word ‘sir’ really stands for ‘slave I remain’. A Google search for the etymology or origin of the word ‘sir’, shows that it is a shortened form of the Old English word ‘sire’ and not an acronym.

What is gung gung in Chinese?

Gung Gung, or Gong Gong means maternal grandfather in Chinese, 公公。 Maternal grandmother, Po Po, 婆婆。

Is nai nai still alive?

Lulu Wang’s Nai Nai is still alive and even came to bless the set on the first day of shooting, but she never learned the truth. The veteran Chinese actress who portrays her in the movie, Zhao Shuzhen, came to her home to meet her as research for the role, making sure to maintain the lie as they talked.

What does Po Po mean in Chinese?


What does COP mean sneakers?

“Cop” (used as a verb) – To purchase or acquire. “Cozy boy” – Fashionable but also comfortable. “Deadstock” – A pair of sneakers that has never been worn. “Deubre”– Also called lace tags are popular on shoes like Air Force Ones. “Dope” – Fashionable.

What does the term 5 0 mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Five-O may refer to: Five-O, an American slang term for law enforcement. Hawaii Five-O (1968 TV series), an American television police drama airing from 1968 to 1980.

What does Acar mean protest?

The acronym, which is also trending online, stands for “All Cops Are Bastards” and is often interchanged with “1312.” ACAB can be seen spray painted outside a business. Source: Getty. Tensions between rioters and police are continuing to escalate as peaceful protests are highjacked by violence.

What is Popo slang for?

But one of the most popular slang terms for the local police today is “popo”. The word has its origins in 1980s southern California, where T-shirts bearing “PO” (“police officer”) worn by cops on bicycles would, with officers riding in pairs, spell out “POPO”.

What is nai nai in Mandarin?

In Mandarin the most commonly used name for a paternal grandmother is nai nai, sometimes spelled nie nie. The formal term is zu mu.

What does PoPo mean in German?

(inf) bottom, behind (inf), botty (baby-talk) DeclensionPopo is a masculine noun. Remember that, in German, both the spelling of the word and the article preceding the word can change depending on whether it is in the nominative, accusative, genitive, or dative case.

What is meant by Popo?

Popo. Polo stands for a butt, a polo spanking or butt spanking.

What is full form cop?

Cop commonly refers to a police officer.