What does for now mean?

for temporary time

What does for now mean?

for temporary time

Is just in case formal?

You can make it more formal immediately by simply omitting just: I have also attached the original in case you need it. You can make it more formal than that by not referring to you. Using the passive voice is less conversational and therefore more formal.

What type of word is Lest?

conjunction – Word

What is another word for Lest?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for lest, like: for fear that, in order to avoid, so-that, to prevent, or, overmuch, on-no-account and nay.

How do you say just in case professionally?

What is another word for Just in case?

  1. in case. just in case and in case.
  2. lest. just in case and lest.
  3. on the off-chance. just in case and on the off-chance.
  4. whether or not. just in case and whether or not.
  5. in the event. just in case and in the event.
  6. if. just in case and if.
  7. whether or no.
  8. on the off chance.

How do you use just in case in a sentence?

Example Sentences He called the doctor just in case he was still in the clinic. I know that you wanted to know just in case the bike was available but you have to realize that you cannot afford it. My father came all the way to see me in college just in case I needed something and did not ask it from him.

What words are informal?

Formal and Informal English Words List

  • Ask for – Request.
  • Come after – Follow.
  • Come up to – Reach/attain.
  • Deal with – Manage.
  • Go before – Precede.
  • Go out of – Exit.
  • Lead to – Cause.
  • Look at – Regard.

How do you write just in case?

Incase is a misspelling of the verb encase. As a result, you should always use encase as a verb. The phrase in case, when used to mean if something happens, should remain two words. Even better yet, you should shorten it to if or when whenever possible.

What does Lest mean in English?

for fear

What is another word for just in case?

What is another word for just in case?

if in case
in the event lest
whether or no whether or not

Is lest a real word?

Lest is defined as something done in order to avoid an undesirable consequence. An example of lest is when you bring an umbrella in order to avoid getting wet. For fear that.

Does lest mean unless?

Lest means “unless” and “for fear that.”

How do you use lest in a sentence?


  1. ​in order to prevent something from happening. He gripped his brother’s arm lest he be trampled by the mob. Lest anyone should doubt my story, I have brought documents to attest to its truth.
  2. ​used to introduce the reason for the particular emotion mentioned. She was afraid lest she had revealed too much.