What does pique mean in polo shirts?

What does pique mean in polo shirts?

Pique is a popular fabric used for polo shirts; it is a knitted weave which produces a texture that appears raised and patterned. Polos with this fabric are durable, have dimension and texture, show sweat less; however, they do tend to wrinkle a bit more than standard jersey knits.

Who makes the highest quality polo shirts?

The Best Polo Shirts to Buy Right Now

  • Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Mesh Polo Shirt.
  • Everlane The Performance Polo.
  • Fred Perry Men’s Twin Tipped Polo.
  • Mr P.
  • Uniqlo AIRism Polo Shirt.
  • Lacoste Men’s Short Sleeve Polo Shirt.
  • Missoni Space-Dyed Cotton Polo Shirt.
  • Tod’s Logo-Appliquéd Wool-Blend Polo Shirt. Courtesy Mr Porter.

What is a double pique polo?

Double Pique – Double pique polos are “doubled” in that multiple threads are bundled together while they are knit.

Is pique fabric woven or knit?

A pique fabric is created using a dobby loom attachment. It is typically woven or knit and has patterns of fine ribbing or cording. Pique fabric differs from your standard jersey t-shirt as it has a textured, waffle weave look whereas jersey tees have smooth, flat surfaces.

Is pique fabric soft?

It is a stiff material, usually made with cotton fiber. It is the fabric of choice for most polo shirts. The texture makes pique knit fabric breathable and durable, which are valuable qualities for sportswear like polo shirts.

What does pique mean in shirts?

The Pique refers to a particular weaving style, where the fabric was produced using a mechanised technique or weaving double cloth with an enclosed cording weft. Originally used to imitate the luxury Provencal quilts made in Marseille France, by the mid-20th-century pique became a key material in men’s clothing.

What are pique shirts?

Is pique knit or woven?

Piqué – also called Marcella – is a so-called double weave, which is usually made from cotton and is set-apart by upright parallel cords and geometric patterns in the fabric. In other words, piqué is not a new material but a traditional woven style with a waffle-knit structure.

Does pique cotton shrink?

While cotton has the highest shrinking percentage at 15%, pique (which is essentially a unique weave of cotton) is not much behind with around 10% shrinkage.