What does the new house represent for the younger family?

What does the new house represent for the younger family?

What does the new house signify to each of the Youngers? It signifies new life and more freedom, but it is sad for them to leave their old house.

What does beneatha hair most likely symbolize?

Answer Expert Verified Beneatha was an independent woman in America wayback 1950s. Her hair symbolizes pride and desire to go deeper to her African roots. She was desperately seeking to find herself. It makes her stand out from the dominant.

What do the words eat your eggs most symbolize in the play apex?

Eat your eggs in this play symbolize the pressure among Ruth and Walter and feature their practically mechanical help for one another. Ruth says it to Walter over breakfast as though to state quit fantasizing and bring yourself once again into the real world.

What do the words eat your eggs most symbolize?

The phrase “eat your eggs” most symbolizes in the play a reluctance to take risks. The phrase is uttered by Ruth whenever Walter has a new complaint about his life. She says this when Walter has the idea of the liquor store, and she repeats it when he complaints about their lack of money.

Which of these things most symbolizes hope and life in the play?

Answer Expert Verified I would say that Beneatha’s hair symbolizes hope and life the most is it is a symbol of not wearing it according to the mores of being assimilated into white society but wearing it naturally with its natural curls and therefore being herself and not being dictated by society.

Why does beneatha say she will not marry George?

Beneatha said she wouldn’t marry George because she thinks he is too shallow. Joseph Asagai is Beneatha’s university friend who is from Nigeria.

WHO said in my mother’s house there is still God?

Lorraine Hansberry

What does sunlight represent in a raisin in the sun?

Sunlight In the play, ‘sunlight’ symbolizes hope and life since all human life depends on warmth and energy from the sun. It is important to note that the first thing Ruth asks about in Act two, scene one, is whether or not the new house will have enough sunlight.