What does the term broad brush mean?

What does the term broad brush mean?

adjective. characterized by sweeping comprehensiveness with little attention to details: a broad-brush approach to reform.

What does it mean to paint someone with a broad brush?

paint (sth/sb) with a broad brush (also use a broad brush) to describe or consider someone or something in a very general way, without paying attention to small details or differences: I hate to paint all young men with the same broad brush, but it’s true.

What is a broad-based approach?

A broad-based approach to employee retention simply means your organization engages in business practices that foster good working relationships and a productive, satisfied workforce.

How do you paint with broad brushes?

The phrase paint something with a broad brush means to describe something in general terms, without mentioning specific details and without paying attention to individual variations.

What is a broad brush risk assessment?

The risk associated with unwanted events are rated using the Broad Brush Risk Assessment (BBRA) method which considers the likelihood and consequences of each event.

What does I got something down to a fine art mean?

phrase. If you have got something down to a fine art, you are able to do it in a very skilful or efficient way because you have had a lot of experience of doing it. See full dictionary entry for fine art.

What does broad-based support mean?

adjective. involving participation or support by a broad spectrum of things or people: The senator had a broad-based campaign.

What does broad-based knowledge mean?

“Employers are looking for people with broad-based knowledge. Rather than someone who has learned a specific discipline, they want someone who can analyze information, process it, and give it back in a different form.”

What does sth down to fine art mean?

phrase‚Äčinformal. have/get something down to a fine art. DEFINITIONS1. to be or become very good at doing something, especially something difficult.