What does Yeida mean?

What does Yeida mean?

YEIDA means Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority.

How do I apply for Yeida Residential Plot Scheme 2021?

Procedure to apply for the YEIDA Plot Scheme 2021: Interested buyers for industrial and residential plots have to register on the YEIDA website and fill in the application form for participating in the lottery. If the application form is downloaded from the website, 500 rupees and 18% GST are to be paid to YEIDA.

How do I check my Yeida application status?

How to check the YEIDA Residential Plot scheme Draw result 2022

  1. click on YEIDA RRPS 05/2022 DRAW Result 2021.
  2. enter application ID/Form Number.
  3. check the status of Plot Number & the rest details.
  4. take the print out & save it.

How can I check my Yeida draw result?

How To check YEIDA RRPS 05 Draw Result 2021 online?

  1. First Applicants will have to visit the official website of YEIDA.
  2. Find the Link on the homepage of yamunaexpresswayauthority.com.
  3. Check the right side corner boxes.
  4. Here you will see RRPS 05 Draw Result.
  5. Click on this link.
  6. Enter Application Form No.

Who owns Yamuna Expressway?

the Jaypee Group
The 165 Km long Yamuna Expressway has been developed by the Jaypee Group under Public-Private – Partnership. The Concession Agreement between TEA and JIL (Jaiprakash Industries Limited) as the Concessionaire was executed on 7th Feb, 2003.

Is bike allowed on Yamuna Expressway?

Toll booths have been positioned at 38 km, 95 km and 150 km from Greater Noida. Unlike the Mum-Pune expressway, which is closed to two wheelers, the Yamuna Expressway is open to two wheelers for a toll charge of Rs 150.

Is it worth to invest in Yeida plots?

It will be a good investment for the buyers, as they will get the best plots under the budget at the lush area on Yamuna Expressway. However, your dream to develop and residential or commercial property on the Yamuna Expressway will get fulfilled by booking furnished and undisputed plots on the highway.

Is jewar a good investment?

Why investing in land here is a realty win-win. An investor can expect at least 15 per cent per annum appreciation in land prices around Jewar Airport and in five years investor can expect a minimum of 120 per cent returns by the time airport becomes operational.

Who built Yamuna Expressway?

Yamuna Expressway project was implemented by Jaypee Infratech Limited. In May 2012, Jaypee Group informed state government officials that construction of the expressway had been completed.