What episode does Blanca dump AJ?

Kaisha (The Sopranos)

What episode does Blanca dump AJ?

Kaisha (The Sopranos)

The Sopranos episode
A.J. with his girlfriend Blanca and her son Hector at the Soprano family’s Christmas dinner.
Episode no. Season 6 Episode 12
Directed by Alan Taylor

What happens in Season 6 episode 13 of The Sopranos?

Tony in the present is arrested for possession of a gun that can fire hollow-point ammunition. The teenager was arrested for possession of cocaine, and cut a deal to provide evidence against Tony. Phil is given a welcome back party after recovering from his heart attack.

Why did Feech go back to jail?

Tony instructed Christopher Moltisanti and Benny Fazio to convince Feech to keep a truck of stolen plasma screen televisions in his garage. When a different parole officer suddenly appeared at his home and discovered the televisions, Feech was arrested, and ended up back in prison.

Who does AJ Soprano end up with?

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A.J. Soprano
Spouse Rhiannon Flammer (girlfriend) Blanca Selgado (ex-fiancée) Devin Pillsbury (ex-girlfriend)

Why does Bianca break up with AJ?

Blanca was arguably the most important person in A.J.’s life outside of his immediate family, as he was prepared to raise her son, Hector. Dating Blanca also gave him a self-esteem boost and motivated him to move up in life, though the two eventually broke up, which A.J. found difficult to deal with.

Where was Sopranos Home filmed?

Filming of the scenes set in New Jersey and the Soprano residence took place on location in Essex County, New Jersey, and in Silvercup Studios. While filming the cabin fight scene between Tony and Bobby in Silvercup Studios, Steve Schirripa accidentally headbutted James Gandolfini.

What lake do The Sopranos go to?

This is the charming, Adirondack lakefront home used in a Season 6 episode of The Soprano’s, and it was also used in the filming of Julia Roberts movie “Mona Lisa Smiles, located on Oscawana Lake, which is one hour north of New York City.