What is a GS 501?

What is a GS 501?

The Financial Administration and Program series covers positions that perform, supervise, or manage administrative work of a fiscal, financial management, accounting, or budgetary nature that is not classifiable to another more specific professional or administrative series in the Accounting and Budget Group, 0500.

What is a job family standard?

This Job Family Standard (JFS) provides series definitions, titling instructions, and grading criteria for professional and administrative positions in the Accounting, Auditing and Budget Group, GS-0500, for General Schedule (GS) and other “white collar” pay plans.

What are the six financial principles?

The six principles of finance include (1) Money has a time value, (2) Higher returns are expected for taking on more risk, (3) Diversification of investments can reduce risk, (4) Financial markets are efficient in pricing securities, (5) Manager and stockholder objectives may differ, and (6) Reputation matters.

What are the four basic principle of finance?

There are four basic principles of financial accounting measurement: (1) objectivity, (2) matching, (3) revenue recognition, and (4) consistency. 3.