What is DCPU-16 IDE?

What is DCPU-16 IDE?

DCPU-16 IDE version 0.9b© 2012 John McCann DCPU-16 IDE is an assembler, debugger and emulator for 0x10c. Source code and documentation

Is this assembler DCPU-16 compliant?

This assembler is fully compliant with version 1.7 of the DCPU-16 specification. It also has built-in support for these devices: Generic Keyboard, Generic Clock, LEM1802 Display, HMD2043 Media Drive, SPED-3 Display

How many devices can I connect to the DCPU-16?

The DCPU-16 supports up to 65535 connected hardware devices. These devices can be anything from additional storage, sensors, monitors or speakers. the HWN, HWQ and HWI instructions.

What happens when a DCPU-16 gets too many interrupts?

If the queue grows longer than 256 interrupts, the DCPU-16 will catch fire. the stack, then set the PC to IA, and A to the interrupt message. If IA is set to 0, a triggered interrupt does nothing. Software interrupts still are ignored.