What is NTC in thermostat?

What is NTC in thermostat?

NTC is an acronym for Negative Temperature Coefficient. TE Connectivity (TE) is a leading designer and manufacturer of high precision discrete NTC thermistors, probes, and assemblies. An NTC thermistor is a temperature sensor that uses the resistance properties of ceramic/metal composites to measure the temperature.

What does NTC mean in sensors?

Negative Temperature Coefficient
In this instance, NTC defines as “Negative Temperature Coefficient”. Thermistors measure temperature by measuring the resistance of the electrical energy passing through the thermistor which is relative to temperature.

What is NTC in motor?

An NTC – Thermistor (Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistor) is a type of resistor that decreases the resistance when temperature rises. The SMD (Surface Mounted Device) version of an NTC can be used to measure the temperature of a maxon motor.

What is NTC full form?

The full form of NTC is Negative Temperature Coefficient.

How is NTC calculated?

The actual resistance values of a particular NTC thermistor are obtained by multiplying the ratio RT/R25 (tabulated value) by the resistance value at 25 °C (specified in the data sheets).

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Are thermistors linear?

Thus being a non-linear variable-resistive devices, thermistors are commonly used as temperature sensors having many applications to measure the temperature of both liquids and ambient air.