What is Outrec fields sort?

What is Outrec fields sort?

JCL – SORT OUTREC Fields The OUTREC control statement allows you to reformat the input records after they are sorted, merged, or copied. You can create the reformatted OUTREC records in one of the following ways using unedited, edited, or converted input fields.

How do you sort in JCL?

To use DFSORT directly (JCL-invoked), write a SORT control statement to describe the control fields, and the order in which you want them sorted. The control statements you write are part of the SYSIN data set in the JCL.

How do you sort records in ascending order in JCL?

‘A’ means Ascending order. We can also sort the record by descending using ‘D’. Example 2: SORT a record in input file by two field….Syntax:

Name Description
Length Length of the field to be compared
data format Format of the field like CH, PD, BI, ZD etc,.
A/D Specifies the sorting order, A- Ascending, B- Descending

Can we use include and Outrec together?

Since the INCLUDEs have 1,1, it doesn’t matter if they operate against the input records or the reformatted records – position 1 has the same value eiter way. The second OUTREC statement is ignored as a duplicate.

What is Inrec build?

INREC Explanation Build gives you complete control over the items you want in your reformatted INREC records and the order in which they appear. You can delete, rearrange and insert fields and constants.

How do you sort a dataset?

Sort by more than one column or row

  1. Select any cell in the data range.
  2. On the Data tab, in the Sort & Filter group, click Sort.
  3. In the Sort dialog box, under Column, in the Sort by box, select the first column that you want to sort.
  4. Under Sort On, select the type of sort.
  5. Under Order, select how you want to sort.

How do you use Outfil in JCL?

JCL – SORT OUTFIL Files You can use multiple OUTFIL statements, with each statement specifying the OUTFIL processing to be performed for one or more output data sets. OUTFIL processing begins after all other processing ends (that is, after processing for exits, options, and other control statements).

Can we use Outrec and Outfil?

OUTFIL can be used in a combination with the PARSE, BUILD, OUTREC, OVERLAY,FINDREP or IFTHEN parameters. Different PARSE, BUILD, OUTREC, OVERLAY or IFTHEN parameters can be usedfor different OUTFIL statements.