What is Satan’s Kingdom?

What is Satan’s Kingdom?

Satan’s kingdom is the sphere of Satan’s reign. The Lord Jesus once called Satan “the prince of the world” (John 14:30). This reveals that Satan not only has his kingdom, but also reigns in his kingdom. Moreover, within his kingdom are his messengers of various ranks, all of which were angels who followed Satan in rebelling against God.

What are the three groups of characters in the Kingdom of Satan?

Therefore, originally, there were three groups of characters in the kingdom of Satan: first, Satan, the head, the ruler; second, the angels who followed Satan in rebelling against God and who served as ministers and officials to rule for him in the air; third, the disembodied spirits, or the demons,…

What are the seven occult kingdoms?

1. Satan, Lucifer, Devil 2. The Chain Of Command In The Demonic Realm 4. THE SATANIC COSMOS 5. ANGELS OF LIGHT, POWERS OF DARKNESS 6. THE SEVEN OCCULT KINGDOMS 1. Preface 2. Seals 3. Occult Kingdom Of The Earth (First) 4. Water Occult Kingdom (Second) 5. Occult Kingdom Of Fire (Third) 6. First Occult Kingdom Of The Air (Fourth) 7.

Where did Satan have his throne set?

Lit., where Satan’s throne is–a reference to Pergamum’s worship either of the Roman emperor or of Zeus at his altar on the local acropolis (or both).” Thus, Satan had his throne set in the city where he felt most comfortable, i.e., where the citizens were practicing his witchcraft the most.