What is Sentinel License Manager?

What is Sentinel License Manager?

Sentinel License Manager is a component of Sentinel LDK that is located on each machine where a protected application executes and on each machine where a protection key is connected.

How do I use Sentinel RMS License Manager?

Configuring a License File Manually

  1. Copy your license file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel RMS License Manager\WinNT, then restart the Sentinel RMS License Manager service.
  2. Use the Sentinel RMS License Manager Administration tool (WlmAdmin.exe) to configure your license.

What is Sentinel license?

Sentinel RMS is Safenet’s mature license management system. It provides a flexible API based platform for implementing various types of license models, thus ensuring customer compliance with licensing terms and conditions and reducing software piracy.

What is a SafeNet Sentinel?

Sentinel Hardware Keys are a software rights management solution that protects software vendors from unauthorized use or distribution of their products. Sentinel Keys are hardware tokens which, when attached to a computer or network, monitor and enforce the licensing of protected applications.

How do I upgrade my Sentinel RMS License Manager?

Upgrading the license manager

  1. Go to the directory in which you installed the old license manager.
  2. Copy the lservrc file.
  3. Save the lservrc file to a safe location.
  4. If any users have checked out commuter licenses, make sure those users check the licenses back in.
  5. Shutdown the license manager.

How do I open Sentinel License Manager?

Open the Windows Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services applet. Select the Sentinel LDK License Manager service in the list. Right-click the service and select Start or Restart from the context menu.

What is Sentinel Protection Server?

Sentinel Protection Server is the license manager of your networked applications. It maintains the licensing information of the keys attached or installed on the system. It is installed on the networked systems where the key is attached or installed—allowing concurrent access to an application, using a single key.

What is SafeNet Inc HASP key?

Sentinel HASP (Formerly Aladdin HASP SRM) is a concurrent usage software licensing solution provided by SafeNet. It comes in two flavors: HASP SL employs software protection keys to enforce software protection and licensing.

What is Sentinel System Driver installer?

The Sentinel System Driver is a hardware-based licensing key used in software protection. The driver provides a communication path between a protected application and a Sentinel Universal Serial Bus (USB) key. The driver allows multiple programs to access the Sentinel key on a multi-tasking operating system.

What is Sentinel Protection installer?

Sentinel Protection Installer is an integrated installer of the Sentinel System Driver and Sentinel Protection Server. Sentinel System Driver is the device driver for the Sentinel keys (Windows platforms). For net- work applications, Sentinel Protection Server is also required.