What is soulless genocide?

What is soulless genocide?

In the Soulless Genocide Run(which is an ironic name), the game ends, and if you do want to return, you must wait for 10 minutes of wind howling. The wind is from the quiet, abandoned town. Chara then stands in front of them, fully corporeal, and once again, offers a deal: give Chara their soul, and Chara resets.

How do you not kill Muffet?

Muffet may be spared by waiting or consuming a spider item. She does not fight if an item was bought at the Spider Bake Sale in Hotland.

Can you spare Muffet without Spider donut?

If you have to SPARE Muffet manually (because you couldn’t afford the Donut or the Cider), you need to wait long enough (17 turns) until Muffet receives a telegram from the spiders in the Ruins who will explain that you are not evil to spiders. Here are some pointers for the Muffet fight if you need to wait her out.

Do you kill Napstablook in genocide?

Killing Napstablook is impossible. When you deplete his HP, he will say he just did it on purpose because you can’t kill ghosts, and then you lose one experience point (different from EXP).

What does Temmie armor do?

Temmie Armor is an armor item sold at the Tem Shop. It is the second most powerful armor in the game, and the most powerful armor available outside of the Genocide Route….About.

Effects +20 DEF, +1 HP per turn,+INV, and +10 ATK
Source Tem Shop
Item ID 64

Does picking on loox ruin pacifist?

yes. Only killing ruins your pacifist run. In the demo, you gained EXP for attacking. However, in the full game, you only gain EXP (Execution points) for killing.

How do you beat Madjick pacifist?

The following actions allow the monster to be spared:

  1. Stare at each orb once, or Stare at one twice.
  2. Clear Mind, then Talk. Madjick chatters to itself and is satisfied.
  3. Use the Stick. Madjick sees the protagonist as a fellow mage and can be spared.
  4. Do not move during a “Chaser Orb” attack for 12 seconds.

Is genocide or pacifist easier?

Genocide is harder in difficulty of battles(namely Undyne and Sans) and is harder to people that grew attached to the characters. So all in all, Genocide seems to be the harder of the two because I can’t really think of a reason why Pacifist would be harder.

Is Temmie armor worth?

After unlocking the Temmie Armor, the Temmie Shopkeeper explains that while the armor is amazing, it can and will ruin the experience of combat. The shopkeeper recommends that the protagonist buy the armor if they are having trouble with a certain fight only.

Can you do true pacifist after genocide?

You can do a true pacifist ending after genocide route if you say, Do not, and after opening the game say No, which means it resets your game and you can do a pacifist/true pacifist ending.

How do you beat Mettaton ex on pacifist?

To defeat Mettaton EX without killing him, one must survive until his arms and legs are blown off and achieve a show rating of 10,000 or more; if his limbs are not blown off, a show rating of 12,000 or more ends the battle. While the protagonist waits without acting, the ratings go down.

Does eating Vegetoid count as a kill?

Choosing “Devour” when Vegetoid is ready to be spared heals 5 HP and ends the fight. In the demo, Vegetoid would be eaten whole and considered killed, giving the protagonist EXP, and the dinner option is not present.