What is the best fabric for a sleeping bag liner?

The Best Sleeping Bag Liners in 2021 (and Why You Need One)

What is the best fabric for a sleeping bag liner?

The Best Sleeping Bag Liners in 2021 (and Why You Need One)

Product Fabric Weight
Rab Silk Sleeping Bag Liner Silk 5.4oz (155g)
Western Mountaineering Tioga Silk Liner Silk 3.6oz (102g)
WILD-WIND Backpacking Sleeping Bag Liner Synthetic silk 8.5oz (245g)
Bundle Monster Microfiber Fleece Liner Microfiber fleece 22.4oz (635g)

Should you use liner in sleeping bag?

The sleeping bag liner is one of the most underrated pieces of gear. Most hikers don’t even bother adding this extra layer to their sleep system, but a good liner provides added insulation and warmth to your bag while creating a barrier between your dirty body and the difficult to clean synthetic interior of your bag.

How much warmth should a sleeping bag liner add?

A sleeping liner can add a few degrees warmth to your down or synthetic sleeping bag. Our THERMOLITE® Reactor Liner can add up to 14°F and even a thin Cotton Liner traps an extra layer of air to help insulate.

Are silk sleeping bag liners worth it?

If you are just looking for a liner to keep your bag clean and something that will feel comfortable, then silk will be fine as well. Silk is really compact making it great for travel. Soft, light, and compact. Breathes well, wicks moisture, and can be a little pricey.

Is cotton sleeping bag better?

Fine nylon or polyester are the most common materials used for lining sleeping bags. Flannel or cotton are also popular for sleeping bag linings, although lightweight and breathable cotton traps moisture so isn’t recommended for cold conditions.

How do you add warmth to a sleeping bag?

Here are a few tips on how to get more warmth out of your sleeping bag:

  1. Wash your old sleeping bag.
  2. Add a thermal liner and hot water bottle.
  3. Wear thermals.
  4. Put on a beanie and socks.
  5. Eat a big dinner!

Are sleeping bag liners waterproof?

Sleeping bag liners aren’t waterproof.

How many degrees does a silk sleeping bag liner add?

A bag liner also provides anywhere from 5° to 15°F of extra warmth to your sleeping bag, depending on the liner material. In hot climates, you can use a bag liner or travel sheet by itself and forgo the sleeping bag.

Do silk liners keep you warm?

Rab says that a silk liner probably adds 1 to 2 degrees to the warmth of a bag, but have no hard data to back this up. On the question of sleeping naked, both Rab and Alpkit say wearing more keeps you warmer.

Does a silk liner add warmth to a sleeping bag?

Types of Bag Liners Silk: Very lightweight (about 5 oz.) and compact. Silk helps insulate in cold weather but is absorbent and breathable in warm weather.