What is the cruising the Li River Guilin about?

What is the cruising the Li River Guilin about?

A Li River Cruise. The best way to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the karst landscape along the river is to take a Li River cruise. The boat trip from Guilin to Yangshuo is one of the most popular activities in Guilin. The cruise starts from a pier close to Guilin in the morning (at about 10am).

How much is the Li River Cruise?

4 Star Li River Cruise Cost

4 Star Li River Cruise VIP Ticket Upper Deck Ticket
Adult (over 140 cms Tall) USD $139 per adult USD $115 per adult
Child (120 – 139 cms tall) USD $139 per child USD $57 per child
Child (under 119 cms tall) *NO SEAT* FREE* FREE*

Which river connects Guilin and Yangshuo?

The Li River
Background. The Li River originates in the Mao’er Mountains in Xing’an County and flows in the general southern direction through Guilin, Yangshuo and Pingle.

How do you get from Guilin to Yangshuo?

The fastest travel way is to take Yangshuo to Guilin high speed train. It takes 23 – 40 minutes for a single trip and CNY 24 – 30.5 for a second class seat. In addition, there are Yangshuo to Guilin long-distance buses provide services, taking 1.5 – 2 hours and CNY 27 – 40.

How long is the Li River?

102 miLi Jiang / Length

How was the Li River formed?

Originating from the Ma’oer Mountains in Xing’an County, Southern China, the Li River flows south, passing through the picturesque Karst Mountains en route to the South China Sea. A Karst landscape is formed gradually by the dissolution of soluble rocks such as limestone, dolomite and gypsum.

Why is the Li River famous?

The Li River Cruise ranges 83 kilometers from Guilin to Yangshuo and is famous for the Karst mountain and river sights. It was selected as one of the world’s top 10 watery wonders by America’s National Geographic magazine.