What is the elevation of Bethel Springs Tennessee?

479′Bethel Springs / Elevation

What is the elevation of Bethel Springs Tennessee?

479′Bethel Springs / Elevation

What is McNairy County TN known for?

McNairy County is the location of the Coon Creek Science Center, a notable fossil site that preserves Late Cretaceous marine shells and vertebrate remains (such as mosasaurs). The postwar musical environment of the county played a pivotal role in the development of popular music.

Is Oliver Springs TN in the Smoky Mountains?

Oliver Springs is a town in Anderson, Morgan, and Roane counties in the U.S. state of Tennessee. Its population was 3,231 at the 2010 census. It is included in the Harriman, Tennessee Micropolitan Statistical Area, which consists of Roane County….

Oliver Springs, Tennessee
Website www.oliversprings-tn.gov

What county is Bethel Springs in?

McNairy CountyBethel Springs / County

What is the zip code for Bethel Springs Tennessee?

38315Bethel Springs / Zip code

What town did Buford Pusser live in?

Adamsville, Tennessee
He was also a wrestler known as “Buford the Bull” in the Mid-South. The Buford Pusser Museum was established at the home he lived in at the time of his death in 1974. A Buford Pusser Festival is held each May in his hometown of Adamsville, Tennessee….

Buford Pusser
Children Dwana Pusser

Who is the sheriff of McNairy County Tennessee?

Sheriff James A. Dickey
Sheriff James A. Dickey, McNairy County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee.

What is Oliver Springs known for?

Historic Oliver Springs was founded in 1821 as a coal mining town. The small town of 3000 people was incorporated in 1905, and is known for their pre-1900s buildings. Some of these include a former hospital, a family general store, and a train depot that serves as a museum/library.

Who owns windrock Park?

The Coal Creek Company
The Coal Creek Company established in 1872 currently owns the 72,000 acres on which WindRock Park operates. Coal Creek Company has two subsidiaries, Coal Creek Ventures, Inc.

What really happened to Buford Pusser?

On August 21, 1974, Sheriff Buford Pusser died in a fiery crash four miles west of Adamsville when his Corvette left the road, hitting an embankment.

What nationality is Buford Pusser?

AmericanBuford Pusser / Nationality

What county is Selmer Tennessee in?

McNairy CountySelmer / County
West Tennessee The charming small town of Selmer is the seat of McNairy County, named after Selma, Alabama.