What is the Group 4 project?

What is the Group 4 project?

Group four project, or G4P is a international project from the International Baccalaureate (IB) in which a group of maximun four members develop a common problem. The group 4 project is an interdisciplinary activity in which all Diploma Programme science students must participate.

Is maths compulsory for IB?

Mathematics. It is a requirement of the programme that students study at least one course in mathematics.

Is IB harder than GCSE?

A Level and IB are both clearly a lot harder than GCSEs – aim high by all means but do realise what it all means! It is not harder – it is different. You can see what you need to get to achieve a Level 7 in terms of percentages.

What is IB Biology SL?

IB Biology SL consists of a minimum of 150 prescribed hours, and IB Biology HL consists of a minimum of 240 prescribed hours. Both levels cover topics 1-6, and HL additionally consists of topics 7-11. For both levels, you’ll also cover one of the four options (A through D), at either the SL or HL level.

What is IB Biology?

The IB Diploma Programme biology higher level course covers the relationship of structure and function at all levels of complexity. Students learn about cell theory, the chemistry of living things, plant science and genetics, among many other topics to further their understanding of and learning about biology.

How many subjects can you choose in IB?

Students who are taking the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma programme are typically required to choose a course from six categories: studies in language and literature; language acquisition; individuals and societies; sciences; mathematics; and the arts.

How do I pass IB Biology SL?

How do I pass IB Biology? [HELP]

  1. make typed notes following the syllabus/guide. btw i use the pearson biology book and bio ninja.
  2. make condensed handwritten notes.
  3. memorize everything.
  4. memorize diagrams.
  5. do past paper questions (add mark scheme answers to notes if necessary)