What is the meaning of lobate?

1 : lobed. 2 : resembling a lobe.

What is the meaning of lobate?

1 : lobed. 2 : resembling a lobe.

What is Pulvinate?

Definition of pulvinate 1 : curved convexly or swelled a pulvinate frieze. 2a : cushion-shaped. b : having a pulvinus : pulvinar.

What is UMBO in zoology?

Zoology. the beak of a bivalve shell; the protuberance of each valve above the hinge.

What is the meaning of Cuspate?

adjective. having a cusp or cusps. shaped like a cusp; cusplike.

What is lobate cream used for?

Lobate Cream belongs to a group of medicines called steroids. It is used to treat various skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and allergies. It works by reducing swelling, redness, and itchiness of the skin and prevents further irritation.

What is pulvinus leaf base?

A pulvinus (pl. pulvini) is a joint-like thickening at the base of a plant leaf or leaflet that facilitates growth-independent (nyctinastic and thigmonastic) movement. Pulvini are common, for example, in members of the bean family Fabaceae (Leguminosae) and the prayer plant family Marantaceae.

How can colonies be used to identify bacteria?

Colony morphology is a method that scientists use to describe the characteristics of an individual colony of bacteria growing on agar in a Petri dish. It can be used to help to identify them. A swab from a bin spread directly onto nutrient agar. Colonies differ in their shape, size, colour and texture.

What is the mantle cavity?

Definition of mantle cavity : the cavity between the mantle and the body proper of a mollusk or brachiopod in which the respiratory organs lie.

What is umbo of tympanic membrane?

Description. The manubrium of the malleus is firmly attached to the medial surface of the membrane as far as its center, which it draws toward the tympanic cavity; the lateral surface of the membrane is thus concave, and the most depressed part of this concavity is named the umbo of tympanic membrane.

How do Cuspate Forelands form?

Cuspate forelands, also known as cuspate barriers or nesses in Britain, are geographical features found on coastlines and lakeshores that are created primarily by longshore drift. Formed by accretion and progradation of sand and shingle, they extend outwards from the shoreline in a triangular shape.

Why is lobate GM used?

Lobate-GM Neo Cream 15 gm belongs to a group of medications called ‘anti-infectives’ used to treat swelling, itching, and redness caused due to bacterial or fungal skin infections. Lobate-GM Neo Cream 15 gm effectively treats bacterial and fungal skin infections.