What is the paragraph symbol called?

How do I insert a paragraph symbol in Word?

What is the paragraph symbol called?

the pilcrow
Also known as the paragraph mark, the pilcrow, for such a humble, rarely used mark, has a surprisingly complex history. Indeed, as Houston writes, the pilcrow is “intertwined with the evolution of modern writing.”

How do I insert a paragraph symbol in Word?

1. Click File > Options to open the Word Options dialog box. 2. In the Word Options dialog box, please click Display in left bar, and then check Paragraph marks option in the Always show these formatting marks on the screen section.

Where is the paragraph symbol?

Click a pilcrow or paragraph symbol below to copy and paste. For keyboard shortcut for text pilcrow symbol and paragraph symbol read info below….Alt Codes.

Alt code Symbol
21 §

What is the new paragraph symbol?


Symbol Name Image Meaning
Pilcrow (Unicode U+00B6) Begin new paragraph
Pilcrow (Unicode U+00B6) ¶ no Remove paragraph break
Caret (Unicode U+2038, 2041, 2380) ‸ ⁁ ⎀ Insert
# Insert space

How do you denote a paragraph?

The pilcrow, ¶, is a typographical character that marks the start of a paragraph. It is also called the paragraph mark (or sign or symbol), paraph, or blind P.

What is the abbreviation of paragraph?

Standard APA Abbreviations

Edition ed.
Number No.
Page(s) p. (pp.)
Paragraph(s) para(s).
Part Pt.

How do I get the paragraph symbols off of Word?

Click on Word Options. In the left pane of the Word Options dialog, click on Display. Locate the Paragraph marks option under the Always show these formatting marks on the screen section and uncheck the checkbox beside it to have Word hide the symbols.

Where is paragraph mark in Word?

To view paragraph marks in Word, click on the Home tab in the ribbon and then click on the paragraph mark in the Paragraph section.

How do I make the paragraph symbol on my iPad?

Quick Tip: Typing the Paragraph Symbol on an iPad If you have an external keyboard for your iPad, like the Apple, Zagg, or Logitech Bluetooth keyboard, the keystroke Option + 7 will insert the cherished paragraph symbol (see below picture).

What is a paragraph mark?

paragraph mark in American English noun. the character ¶, used in editing and printing to indicate the beginning of a new paragraph; pilcrow. Also called: paragraph sign.

What is the abbreviation for paragraph in APA?

In MLA and APA style documents, the abbreviation for the word paragraph is used with period while in other types of style guides, it might be used as “para” or “par.”