What is the Salpingopharyngeal fold?

What is the Salpingopharyngeal fold?

posteriorly, the vertical fold of mucous membrane, the salpingopharyngeal fold, stretches from the lower part of the torus tubarius; it contains the Salpingopharyngeus muscle which originates from the superior border of the medial lamina of the cartilage of the auditory tube, and passes downward and blends with the …

What is the function of salpingopharyngeus?

The salpingopharyngeus is known to raise the pharynx and larynx during deglutition (swallowing) and laterally draws the pharyngeal walls up. In addition, it opens the pharyngeal orifice of the pharyngotympanic tube during swallowing.

Why is it called salpingopharyngeus?

Salpingopharyngeus is a longitudinal muscle that contributes to the muscular wall of the pharynx….Salpingopharyngeus muscle.

Origin Inferior/cartilaginous part of auditory (Eustachian) tube
Action Elevates pharynx, opens auditory tube during swallowing

Where is the salpingopharyngeus located?

Structure. The salpingopharyngeus muscle arises from the superior border of the medial cartilage of the Eustachian tube, in the nasal cavity. This makes the posterior welt of the torus tubarius. It passes downward and blends with the posterior fasciculus of the palatopharyngeus muscle.

What is pharyngeal isthmus?

isthmus of pharynx passage posterior to the soft palate by which the nasopharynx and oropharynx communicate (i.e., the junction of nasopharynx and oropharynx), closed during swallowing by elevation of the soft palate and contraction of the posterior fascicle of palatopharyngeus (muscle), forming a Passavant cushion.

What is fossa of Rosenmuller?

The fossa of Rosenmüller is a bilateral projection of the nasopharynx just below the skull base. It is also called the lateral pharyngeal recess or simply the pharyngeal recess. The fossa is covered by nasopharyngeal mucosa and is the most common site of origin of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC).

Is the auditory tube the same as eustachian tube?

eustachian tube, also called auditory tube, hollow structure that extends from the middle ear to the pharynx (throat). The eustachian tube is about 31–38 mm (1.2–1.5 inches) long in humans and lined with mucous membrane.

What is a pharyngeal plexus?

The pharyngeal plexus lies on the posterolateral wall of the pharynx, mainly over the middle pharyngeal constrictor and is the main motor and sensory nerve supply to the muscles of the pharynx and soft palate and acts to coordinate swallowing and speech 1-7.

What closes oropharyngeal isthmus?

To either side of the oropharyngeal isthmus sit the palatine tonsils, also known as the faucial tonsils. The soft palate, superiorly, and base of the tongue, inferiorly, constrict this portion of the aerodigestive tract.

What is the right fossa of Rosenmuller?