What is the visual examination of the urinary bladder?

What is the visual examination of the urinary bladder?

When a urologist needs to view the bladder or urethra, a common method is a procedure referred to as cystoscopy. It’s a visual examination that’s done by inserting a special lighted scope with a lens attached to one end, called a cystoscope, into the tube that carries urine out of the body from the bladder (urethra).

What is an abnormal condition of the kidney?

nephr/o/lith/iasis – abnormal condition of stones in the kidneys. ren/o/pathy – kidney disease. supra/ren/al – pertaining to above the kidney. nephr/o/scler/osis – abnormal condition of hardening of the kidneys. nephr/o/ptosis – prolapse of the kidney.

What is the berry shaped bacteria?

The name staphylococcus aureus comes from the Greek, staphyle (a bunch of grapes), kokkos (berry shaped), and aureus (golden). Morphologically, the pathogen resembles grapelike clusters of gram-positive cocci.

What does it mean when blood is held back from an area?

Hemostasis is the arrest of bleeding, whether it be by normal vasoconstriction (the vessel walls closing temporarily), by an abnormal obstruction (such as a plaque) or by coagulation or surgical means (such as ligation). The term comes from the Greek roots heme, blood + stasis, halt = halt of the blood.

Why is hematuria common with kidney stones?

Kidney stones Usually, small-sized stones go unnoticed as they pass out easily without causing much trouble. Those of larger sizes, however, may get stuck anywhere in the kidney. The direct impact of stone on lining cells of the urinary tract results in destruction, ultimately allowing blood to leak into urine.

What is the root that refers to kidney?

Nephro- comes from the Greek nephrós, meaning “kidney, kidneys.” The Latin word for kidney is rēnēs, yielding such English words as renal.

Which surgical puncture removes fluid from the lungs?

Thoracentesis is a procedure to remove fluid or air from around the lungs. A needle is put through the chest wall into the pleural space.

Which word means inflammation of a heart valve?

Endocarditis is a life-threatening inflammation of the inner lining of your heart’s chambers and valves (endocardium).

What is the medical term for death?

“An individual who has sustained either (1) irreversible cessation of circulatory and respiratory functions, or (2) irreversible cessation of all functions of the entire brain, including the brain stem, is dead.

What term means to cut into a vein?

Venipuncture evolved from the practice of phlebotomy. The word phlebotomy is derived from two Greek words referring to “veins” and “cutting”; thus, phlebotomy can be defined as the incision of a vein for bloodletting or collection.