What is unaccounted for gas?

What is unaccounted for gas?

Unaccounted-for gas can be defined as the “difference between the amount of gas purchased and the amount of gas sold through a measured gas distribution system.” This difference is commonly described as a percentage of gas purchased: “PERCENT UNACCOUNTED-FOR GAS.”

What is UFG gas?

0 Comments. UFG in parlance of gasdistribution and Transmission Company mean the difference b/w gas purchased involume, gas billed in volume and gas used internally by the company for itsoperation.

How many gas connections are there in Pakistan?

There are around 33 million households in Pakistan. It may be noted that only 25 percent of the population (around 10 million connections) gets piped gas due to limitations on network expansion. In contrast, there are 30 million domestic gas connections while 90 percent of the population has electricity connections.

What is unaccounted loss?

Unaccounted Loss = Short Range Plan – Losses – Actual. Where Short Range Plan, Losses, and Actual are displayed in the same row as the Unaccounted Loss value.

How can I get gas connection in Pakistan?

Documents Required to Apply for a Gas Connection in Pakistan

  1. Photocopy of Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC)
  2. Photocopy of the Layout Plan of the House/Building/Factory premises.
  3. National Tax Number (NTN) or Tax Return (TR) Certificate from Income Tax Department.

What is needed for gas connection?

Documents required

  1. Aadhaar Number (UID / EID )
  2. Passport Number.
  3. PAN Card Number.
  4. Voter ID Card.
  5. ID card issued by Central / State.
  6. Driving License.
  7. Bank Passbook with Photograph.

What is unaccounted losses in engine?

This cannot be measured precisely and so this is known as unaccounted “losses.” This unaccounted heat energy is the difference between the heat supplied and the sum of heat equivalent of brake power + heat carried away by cooling water + heat carried away by the exhaust gases [16].

How can I check my Ssgc bill or not?

Find 10 digit Consumer Number of your SSGC bill….Take a look at the image below:

  1. Once you find the user number, enter it in the text box above and click the button.
  2. A short description of your SSGCL bill will appear on the next page.
  3. Press the button to view the full gas bill.