What is your current status meaning?

What is your current status meaning?

adj. 1 of the immediate present; in progress. current events. 2 most recent; up-to-date.

What is the plural of status in English?

noun, often attributive. Save Word. sta·​tus | \ ˈstā-təs , ˈsta- \ plural statuses.

What pick means?

noun (1) Definition of pick (Entry 2 of 5) 1 : a blow or stroke with a pointed instrument. 2a : the act or privilege of choosing or selecting : choice take your pick. b : the best or choicest one the pick of the herd.

Is status a word?

Difference between state and status The only plural allowed by the Oxford English Dictionary is status pronounced statoos. American dictionaries allow statuses. stati is absolutely wrong – you will not find it any any dictionary. For cross references other words take this form of the plural, as in apparatus.

What is an election campaign?

A political campaign is an organized effort which seeks to influence the decision making progress within a specific group. In democracies, political campaigns often refer to electoral campaigns, by which representatives are chosen or referendums are decided.

What is election mean?

Election is the fact of electing, or being elected. To elect means “to select or make a decision”, and so sometimes other forms of ballot such as referendums are referred to as elections, especially in the United States.

What is the status of something?

The status of something is its state of affairs at a particular time.

What do you mean by Prestige?

noun. reputation or influence arising from success, achievement, rank, or other favorable attributes. distinction or reputation attaching to a person or thing and thus possessing a cachet for others or for the public: The new discothèque has great prestige with the jet set.

What is status of a person?

Most people associate status with the prestige of a person’s lifestyle, education, or vocation. According to sociologists, status describes the position a person occupies in a particular setting. We all occupy several statuses and play the roles that may be associated with them.

What is a WhatsApp status?

What Is WhatsApp Status? WhatsApp Status is a status update that disappears after 24 hours of you uploading it. You can share photos, videos, text, links, and GIFs. By default, WhatsApp Status is only activated between two users who have each other’s contact details saved in their respective address books….

What is the meaning of standing?

place to stand in

What part of speech is elect?


part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: elects, electing, elected
definition 1: to select through the process of voting. The city will be electing a new mayor next week.She was elected prime minister by a narrow margin of voters. synonyms: vote antonyms: abjure similar words: choose, coopt, pitch, select

What is the meaning of work status?

n. 1 physical or mental effort directed towards doing or making something. 2 paid employment at a job or a trade, occupation, or profession. 3 a duty, task, or undertaking.

What is the status of stimulus check?

You can track the status of your payment via the I.R.S.’s Get My Payment tool….

What is another word for prestige?

Frequently Asked Questions About prestige Some common synonyms of prestige are authority, credit, influence, and weight. While all these words mean “power exerted over the minds or behavior of others,” prestige implies the ascendancy given by conspicuous excellence or reputation for superiority.

What is status meaning in Marathi?

स्थिती an improvement in the status of women. the relative social, professional, or other standing of someone or something. an update on the status of the bill.

What is the synonym of elected?

In this page you can discover 29 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for elected, like: chosen, voted in, named, elective, appointive, voted, opted, ignored, selected, preferred and picked.

What is your status?

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