What kind of a person do you think the narrator is?

What kind of a person do you think the narrator is?

What kind of a person do you think the narrator is? Answer: According to the story, the narrator is a very simple and kind hearted person. He seems to have a lot of admiration for his village and knows the smallest tit-bits about his place.

What does the narrator call a priceless commodity?

Dear student, There was a very less number of people with the knowledge of the language in the narrator’s village and his community was highly influenced by the language. Hence, English was considered as a priceless commodity in those days. Regards.

Why does the narrator call the couple childish?

Because Once the narrator was invited to Ranga son’s birthday. When the narrator reached Ranga’s, he got to know that Ranga had named his son after the narrator’s name. Besides, he noticed that Ratna was once again pregnant at such a tender age. Having seen both of the things, he called them a childish couple.

What kind of a person do you think the narrator is in the story Ranga’s marriage?

Question: What kind of a person do you think the narrator is? Answer : Shyama, the narrator of the story, “Ranga’s Marriage” is a person who is too attached to his soil and his village.

Is the marriage of Ranga?

The problem of her marriage was at the head. Nonetheless, the astrologer tells Ranga that he is in love with a girl whose name resembles Ratna. We learn that Ranga and Ratna got married and Ranga named their son after the narrator, who made the marriage happen.

What is hosahalli known for?

its famous for sanskrit,vedas and cultural practices. In the village of Hosahalli the mango trees produce sour mangoes whose sourness go straight to the skull bones. There is also a creeper growing in the ever-so-fine water of the village pond.

What is the name of the narrator of tale?

Narrator, one who tells a story. In a work of fiction the narrator determines the story’s point of view. If the narrator is a full participant in the story’s action, the narrative is said to be in the first person.

What did Shastri take out to read Ranga’s stars?

Shastriji read the stars and made calculations. He finally declared that the girl in Ranga’s mind has the name of something found in the ocean. It could be Ratna as well.

How did the narrator bring Ranga and Ratna face to face?

The narrator brought Ratna and Ranga face to face at his own house. He roused the boy’s interest in the girl. He declared that the girl was already married.

Who was Ranga *?

Ranga was village accountant’s son. His father took enough courage, to send him to Bangalore to study and to earn his living. He was special because he was the first young man of the village to go to town to study. Education is the instrument of change in modern times.

What is the narrator’s attitude to English?

The attitude of the narrator to English is quite positive. He considers English to be ‘a priceless commodity’. But he wants to show that English doesn’t have any adverse influence on the religious and cultural practices of the people. Ranga wears the sacred thread and bends low for ‘namaskara’ to his elders.

Is the marriage of Ranga a love marriage or a perfectly arranged marriage?

Ranga’s marriage is a strange amalgamation of the prevalent modes of marriage in Indian society where chance and arrangement both play a part. Ranga would not have fallen in love with Ratna if Shyama had not arranged their meeting.

Who was Ranga in Ranga’s marriage?

Ranga, the accountant’s son, is one of the rare breed among the village folk who has been to the city to pursue his studies. When he returns to his village from the city of Bangalore, the crowds mill around his house to see whether he has changed or not.

What made Shastri unhappy?

What made the Shastri unhappy? Answer: When the narrator met the Shastri, he teased him for having repeated everything that was taught to him without giving rise to any suspicion. The Shastri did not like being teased.

What is the summary of Ranga’s marriage?

Ranga’s Marriage, by Masti Venkatesh Iyengar, is a story about a boy who returns to his village after receiving education in English medium from Bangalore. The boy is the son of the accountant of the village. They live in the village Hoshali in Mysore.

What did the narrator tell Shastri about his performance?

What did the narrator tell Shastri about his performance? How did the Shastri react to it? Answer: The narrator told Shastri that he repeated everything he had told him without giving rise to any suspicion.

How did the narrator play an important role in arranging Ranga’s marriage?

⭐The narrator Shyama played a major and significant role in arranging Ranga’s Marriage to Ratna . He believed that one should marry a girl he admired. a girl that is mature enough . ⭐But the Narrator through his planning and arrangement , arranged his marriage to Ratna, a girl just 11 years old .

How does Ranga impressed the narrator?

The narrator, Shyama met Ranga after 6 months because he had been studying in Bangalore. Shyama was impressed after talking to him because he had not forgotten the basic edicate and manners as Ranga greeted him by doing namaskara and also touched his feet. Secondly, Ranga was still wearing the janewara on his chest.

Is Ranga happy with his marriage?

Yes, because both were love with each other before the marriage also. Yes , Ranga is happy with his marriage because he got married to a girl whom he fancied or admired and whom he loved from the very beginnig he set eyes on her . So in a way the marriage is exactly what he hoped for.

What kind of a person do you think the narrator is Class 10?

The narrator is a veterinary surgeon. The instances in the story makes it obvious that he is a very tactful person. He understood Tricki’s ailment when he sees him. He knows how to deal with people.

How does the narrator describe Ratna?

Ratna is a pretty girl. She is just eleven but the narrator considers her to be the just bride for Ranga. Like all villages, the people of Hosahalli believe in astrology and horoscopes. Like every Indian village, it has a pond.

What does the narrator say about hosahalli?

Answer. The narrator lived in a small village hosahalli in the state of Karnataka. The narrator said there is not even a shadow of their village on the map and there are mango trees in his village are famous for their sourness. Narrator means merely eating these fruit can make anyone cough.

Why did Ranga name his child Shyama?

Ranga and Ratna named their child ‘Shyama’ because they admire narrator as he’s the one because of whom they both met and got married Also, it’s the western trend to name child after someone they admire. Also, they want to give tribute to the narrator.

What kind of person he she is?

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How was Ranga’s marriage arranged?

Answer. In the past, marriages in India were usually arranged by parents/relatives. The story ‘Ranga’s Marriage’ shows how the narrator arranges Ranga’s marriage with the help of the astrologer. After independence, certain changes have come in the economic and social set-up of the Indian society.

What is special about hosahalli?

The two, special produce of Hosahalli are its sour mangoes and creeper with large leaves and beautiful flowers. The author states that the mangoes are so sour that it would knock the senses of whoever has eaten it. The creeper which grew on water had leaves so large, that one could use it to have their meal.