What math app does word problems?

What math app does word problems?

Photomath Plus is a premium addition to the Photomath experience. With Photomath Plus, you unlock exclusive features like AI-powered animated tutorials, deeper explanations, contextual hints, and custom-made solutions for every single problem in a wide range of math textbooks (even word problems and geometry!).

What do you call an equation that has no solution?

A set of equations with no solutions is called inconsistent if there is no simultaneous solution for the set.

How do I add a teacher to Delta math?

Go to Delta Math. Type title in Assignment Name: Click Defaults. For students to access, just have them go to deltamath.com, click create account, student, then enter your Teacher Code.

What is the mathematical symbol for no solution?

symbol Ø

How can a student leave a class on Delta math?

Select Edit course details on the course details page. Select Delete course. You are prompted to confirm the deletion of the course. Select Delete course, or Cancel.

What can teachers see on DeltaMath?

Teachers are able to see the IP addresses of their students for any given problem solved in order to ensure that multiple accounts are not signing in from the same computer possibly indicating one student is signing into another student’s account to complete work under a false identity.

Can teachers see if you switch tabs on Delta math?

I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Nope, they can’t.

What is the easiest way to solve math word problems?

A proven step-by-step method for solving word problems is actually quite simple.

  • Read the problem out loud to yourself.
  • Draw a Picture.
  • Think “What do I need to find?”
  • List what is given.
  • Find the key words.
  • Solve.
  • Check your work.

What is the student view of Google classroom?

The student can OPEN the assignment to view their grade and/or comment. Students can also open the assignment to make changes and then resubmit it to the teacher. As the TEACHER, your class stream will keep track of who has/hasn’t completed an assignment.