What petit pois mean?

What petit pois mean?

very small green peas
Definition of petits pois : very small green peas.

Are petit pois French?

Petits pois is the French for peas (literally, this is quite cute “little peas”). This means that French-style peas recipe’s main steps are to first pan-fry vegetables, moisten them a bit and cook them covered with a lid.

Why are peas called petit pois?

“Petit pois” simply means “little peas”, as these were picked before they reached maturity. The packet says that they were grown in “the lush fields” of Great Britain and are “frozen at peak of freshness”.

Is peas in French feminine or masculine?

The word in French for pea is le petit-pois Because the word is masculine we have a male character in the cartoon Memory Trigger, which will help you to remember that the word is masculine…

What type of peas are petit pois?

What You Really Need Are Petite Peas. Advertising gurus sometimes sell these tiny emerald orbs as “sweet petite peas” or petit pois. Compared to the standard green pea, petite peas are smaller in stature with a more tender skin, and a delicately sweet flavor.