What reading level is The Higher Power of Lucky?

The Higher Power of Lucky

What reading level is The Higher Power of Lucky?

The Higher Power of Lucky

Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 5 – 10 29977

How many pages does The Higher Power of Lucky have?

134 pp
The Higher Power of Lucky

First edition cover
Author Susan Patron
Media type Print (hardcover)
Pages 134 pp
ISBN 1-4169-0194-9

What is the theme of The Higher Power of Lucky?

The dominant theme in “The Higher Power of Lucky” is that of abandonment. Lucky Trimble, the 12-year-old protagonist, lost her mother, Lucille, when she accidentally stepped on to a power line that had fallen down after a horrific rainstorm. Lucky’s father had abandoned her and her mother before she was born.

Who is the main character in The Higher Power of Lucky?

Lucky, the main character of The Higher Power of Lucky, is a ten year old living in Hard Pan, California, population 43. It was 42 after her mother died, but then Brigitte came to take care of Lucky and it was back to 43. Brigitte is a French woman who was married to Lucky’s father before he was her father.

What genre is The Higher Power of Lucky?

Children’s literature
The Higher Power of Lucky/Genres

When was the Higher Power of Lucky published?

November 7, 2006The Higher Power of Lucky / Originally published

How old is lucky in the Higher Power of Lucky?

This middle grade novel, which won the Newbery Medal, is about a ten-year-old girl, Lucky.

Who won the most Newbery Awards?

Sharon Creech has been both a winner and Honor recipient. Louis Sachar won in 1999 for Holes. Kate DiCamillo is one of six authors to have been a Newbery winner multiple times. Jacqueline Woodson has been a Newbery Honor recipient four times….Recipients.

Year 1938
Author Kate Seredy
Book The White Stag
Award Winner

What is the best Newbery book?

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Has anyone won the Newbery Award more than once?

Six authors have won two Newbery Medals each, several have won both a Medal and Honor, while a larger number of authors have won multiple Honors, with Laura Ingalls Wilder having won five Honors without ever winning the Medal.