What role should the federal government play in education?

What role should the federal government play in education?

The overall message here is that the federal government has the responsibility to insure the right to a free and high quality education for all K-12 students by protecting their civil rights and by providing resources for the most in need, using public data and high quality research, and by providing support and …

What are the roles and responsibilities of local authorities?

Local authorities are responsible for improving and maintaining regional and local roads….They are also responsible for:

  • Public parking services.
  • Traffic wardens.
  • Setting speed limits on local and national roads.
  • Maintaining street lighting.
  • Trimming hedges and trees.
  • Drainage.
  • Gritting roads during very cold weather.

Which level of government is responsible for primary education in Nigeria?

Local government in Nigeria has constitutional responsibility in primary education; also, the state and federal government attend to all levels of education, including the primary education.

How important is the government to you and the society?

Governments provide the parameters for everyday behavior for citizens, protect them from outside interference, and often provide for their well-being and happiness. In the last few centuries, some economists and thinkers have advocated government control over some aspects of the economy.

Should the federal government’s role in education should be expanded?

Boosting the federal share of education funding reduces state and local political pressures on annual school budgets and provides more certainty for administrators. Affluent communities always have the option of over-taxing themselves for schools, but at least poor communities will reach a higher funding threshold.

What is the role of local authorities in public health?

Local authorities should embed these new public health functions into all their activities, tailoring local solutions to local problems, and using all the levers at their disposal to improve health and reduce inequalities. He or she will be a statutory member of the health and wellbeing board.