What skills are in shortage in the UK?

We’ll expand on a few top jobs on the list:

What skills are in shortage in the UK?

We’ll expand on a few top jobs on the list:

  • Nurses. The UK has faced a nurse shortage for a long time.
  • Pharmacists. Pharmacists were also added to the UK’s Shortage Occupation List in 2021.
  • Engineers. There are also plenty of engineering jobs on the shortage occupation list.
  • Secondary education teachers.
  • Graphic designers.

What jobs are in shortage in UK?

UK Shortage Occupation List 2022

Occupation code Job types included on the shortage occupations list
2114 Social and humanities scientists – only archaeologists
2121 Civil engineers – all jobs
2122 Mechanical engineers – all jobs
2123 Electrical engineers – all jobs

Which skilled workers are needed in UK?

Skilled Worker visa: eligible occupations and codes

Occupation code Job type
2135 IT business analysts, architects and systems designers
2136 Programmers and software development professionals
2137 Web design and development professionals
2139 Information technology and telecommunications professionals not elsewhere classified

Is cybersecurity in the shortage occupation list in the UK?

According to the UK Government’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), “job shortages in roles such as cybersecurity analysts/engineers and IT network engineers” are now recognized, while the “occupation as a whole ranked highly in our shortage indicators and had an above average vacancy rate.”

What is the biggest skills shortage in UK?

Nurses, computer programmers and HR officers topped the list of most graduate vacancies due to skills shortages. SMEs experienced more and wider shortages of graduates than larger employers.

What skills are in short supply?

The main areas with skills shortages are emergency medicine (including accident and emergency specialists), haematology (the study of blood and blood-forming tissues) and old age psychiatry. These areas need more consultants, while anaesthetics, rehabilitation and psychiatry also need non-consultants.

What is the most needed job in UK?

10 Most in-Demand Jobs in the UK

  • Delivery Driver. Average Base Salary: £20,055.
  • Project Manager. Average Base Salary: £43,000.
  • Store Manager. Average Base Salary: £29,250.
  • Customer Assistant. Average Base Salary: £16,007.
  • Store Assistant. Average Base Salary: £17,967.
  • Software Engineer.
  • Sales Assistant.
  • Customer Service Advisor.

Which job is in high demand in UK?

Like scientists, engineers are in high demand in the UK. Engineering roles on the shortage occupation list include: Electrical and electronics engineers. Civil engineers.

What trade is most in demand UK?

Manual trades such as plumbers, electricians, mechanics and construction workers were all in high demand in 2020 and will continue to be desirable skillsets to employers in the future.

Which trades are in demand UK?

What Trades Are In Demand In The UK?

  • Agricultural trades, such as farming, landscaping and groundskeeping.
  • Metal, electrical and electronic trades.
  • Construction and building trades, including plumbers, electricians and bricklayers.
  • Textiles, printing and other skilled trades.

Which skill is in demand in UK?

6 In-demand job in the UK

S no Most in demand jobs UK Average starting salaries
1 Programmers and Software Developers £26,000
2 Cyber Security Specialists £25,000
3 Health Services and Residential Care £21,000 – £30,000
4 Architects £28,000

What is the UK shortage occupation list?

What is the UK Shortage Occupations List? The Shortage Occupation List is a document published by the British government each year, detailing the jobs which lack British trained professionals. The aim is to encourage immigration from skilled professionals worldwide to utilise their skills and resolve the UK’s skills shortage.

How do I find out the skill shortage sectors in the UK?

The Shortage Occupation List can be a good reference point to find out the skill shortage sectors in the UK. This list is updated on a regular basis by keeping track of the skill shortages in the workforce.

Could your skills be in high demand in the UK?

Your skills are in high demand and you could have the opportunity to broaden your professional skillset and work in the UK, all thanks to being trained in a field which features on the Shortage Occupation List. What is the UK Shortage Occupations List?

How big a problem is the digital skills shortage really?

The mismatch between the rising demand for digital skills and the supply of sufficiently trained recruits was already costing the economy billions of pounds and the potentially “catastrophic” gap would widen over time without urgent action.