What special attack gives EVs?

What special attack gives EVs?

Pokémon EV training locations

EV Stat Location Pokémon
EV Stat Location Pokémon
Special Attack Northern Route 212 Roselia
Special Attack Sendoff Spring (post-game) Golduck
Special Defense Valor Lakefront Girafarig

How EV train special attack BDSP?

If you want to EV train your Pokemon in the easiest way possible, then Vitamins are the way to go. Since there is no limit to how many Vitamins you can give to a Pokemon, you can max out a Pokemon’s EV by just feeding them Vitamins. To max out an EV stat, it’ll take 26 Vitamins.

How do you tell if EVs are maxed BDSP?

There’s no way to check the exact number of EVs you can still gain, but if the inner graph turns a light blue that means all EVs are maxed.

What gives attack EVs brilliant diamond?

Power Bracer — Gives +8 Attack EVs per fight. Power Belt — Gives +8 Defense EVs per fight. Power Lens — Gives +8 Special Attack EVs per fight. Power Band — Gives +8 Special Defense EVs per fight.

Does gastly give special attack EVs?

Kanto: The Pokémon Tower is by far the best place to EV train Special Attack in the game. There is nothing but Gastly and the occasional Haunter for 1 and 2 Special Attack EVs, respectively.

Does Battle Tower give EVs?

No, these battles would not give you EV’s because you don’t get any experience from them. You only get EV’s from pokémon if you gain experience from them.

Do Trainer battles give EVs?

Yes. Pokemon gain EV’s for every Pokemon they defeat in battle. It doesn’t matter whether that battle is wild battle or a trainer one.

What should I do after BDSP?

Other things players can do after completing Pokémon BDSP appear below.

  1. Hunt Legendaries. In the original Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Ramanas Park was known as Pal Park.
  2. Obtain The Catching Charm.
  3. Access The Fight Area.
  4. Collect Arceus Plates.
  5. Go Shiny Hunting.
  6. Retrace Old Steps.
  7. Explore The Grand Underground.
  8. Accept Rematches.

What Pokémon gives the most attack EVs?

Point. #067. Machoke. Guts. No Guard. 100.

  • Points. #068. Machamp. Guts. No Guard. 130.
  • Points.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTY6BUhTlAE