When did Arshavin score 4 goals Liverpool?

Who scored 4 goals Liverpool?

When did Arshavin score 4 goals Liverpool?

April 21, 2009
On April 21, 2009, Liverpool and Arsenal treated us to one of the most entertaining games in Premier League history at Anfield.

Who did Arshavin score 4 goals?

When Andrey Arshavin scored 4 goals for Arsenal in a 4-4 draw at Anfield against Liverpool.

Who scored 4 goals Liverpool?

Andrey Arshavin
Back in 2009, Arsenal and Andrey Arshavin delivered a serious blow to Liverpool’s title chances as Arshavin scored four goals in a 4-4 draw.

What happened to Arshavin?

Overall, he scored 31 goals in 108 appearances for the club before eventually announcing his retirement in December 2018. Since then, he has performed ambassadorial roles and has given a number of interviews as well as once stating how he would one day love to become Zenit president.

How many goals did Arshavin scored for Arsenal?

31 goals
Arshavin went on to leave Arsenal in June 2013. All in all Arshavin scored 31 goals with a sum of 41 assists which came from 143 caps for the club altogether.

How old is Arshavin?

40 years (May 29, 1981)Andrey Arshavin / Age

Where did Arshavin go after Arsenal?

Zenit St
Arshavin was essentially relegated to the role of a cup player, starting in only eight Premier League games, almost all of which were at the beginning of the season. Despite the fact that Arsenal were involved in a bitter scrap with Tottenham for Champions League qualification, he was shipped off to Zenit St.

Was Arshavin a flop Arsenal?

Often cited reasons are, but not limited to- he never tracked back, he was extremely lazy, Arsene Wenger failed to utilize him properly, so on and so forth. But none of these ironically, contributed to Arshavin’s failure in the Premier League.

What position was Arshavin?

Andrey Arshavin/Position

When did Andrey Arshavin leave Arsenal?

June 2013