Where are SCHEELS headquarters?

Fargo, NDScheels / Headquarters

Where are SCHEELS headquarters?

Fargo, NDScheels / Headquarters

How do I return a package to SCHEELS?

First, go to SCHEELS Self Service Return and fill out the required information, including order number, order email and billing zip code. Select “Find My Order” Select the items you would like to return, the quantity, and the reason for return or exchange.

Where is SCHEELS based out of?

Fargo, North Dakota
Scheels (/ˈʃiːlz/) is an American privately held, employee-owned and operated sporting goods and entertainment chain store headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota….Scheels.

Gear. Passion. Sports.
Type Private employee-owned
Founders Frederick A. Scheel
Headquarters Fargo, North Dakota, United States
Number of locations 31 (2021)

How many SCHEELS locations are there?

30 locations
SCHEELS has 30 locations across 13 states, featuring the world’s largest selection of sporting goods, apparel, footwear, and more from top brands.

What is SCHEELS net worth?

Scheels All Sports’s annual revenues are over $500 million (see exact revenue data) and has over 1,000 employees. It is classified as operating in the Sporting Goods Stores industry.

What carrier does scheels ship with?

The following applies: UPS, FedEx, or USPS tracking information will be provided for standard shipping.

Can you return unopened ammo?

There are currently no federal laws prohibiting you from returning the ammunition to any retail store, but Walmart stands firm on its policy. It has been speculated on online forums that such a protocol is established to prevent customers from returning ammo that has been tampered with.

How long will Scheels hold my order?

10 days
Your order will be held for 10 days. If it is not picked up within 10 days, the store will return it to the floor and process a refund.