Where did the Greek immigrants settle in Australia?

Where did the Greek immigrants settle in Australia?

Some forty two percent of Greeks immigrating to Australia until the middle of the 20th century were from the islands of Kastellorizo, Kythira and Ithaca. The Kytherians mostly settled in Sydney, Kastellorizans in Perth, and Ithacans in Melbourne.

What was life like in Australia for the Greek migrants?

After World War II and during the civil war in Greece that followed, over 160,000 Greeks came to Australia, mostly to Victoria. Initially, the majority found work in factories or farms as unskilled or semi-skilled labour – even educated migrants had to settle for a manual job.

When did most Greek migrants from Greece migrate to Australia?

The first migrants from Greece were seven young sailors convicted of piracy by a British naval court and transported to Australia, where they arrived in August 1829. After being pardoned, two of the sailors settled in Australia. The first significant Greek migration to Australia began in the 1850s during the gold rush.

What did Greek bring to Australia?

When Greek immigrants flocked to Australia after World War II little did they realise how warmly their food would later be embraced. Australia with its plentiful seafood, propensity for olive growing and rich and fertile soils clearly lent itself to the so-called “Mediterranean diet”.

Who was the first Greek to come to Australia?

After lengthy research and analysis of newspaper clippings and government certificates, the Greek Melbourne Community secretary discovered that Greek sailor George Emanuel arrived in Sydney, Australia at the beginning of the 19th century, and lived a “tragic life.”

When did the first Greek immigrants arrive in Australia?

Greek immigration to Australia began in the early colonial period in the 19th century. The first known Greeks arrived in 1829. These Greeks were seven sailors, convicted of piracy by a British naval court, and were sentenced to transportation to New South Wales.

What city has the largest Greek population outside of Greece?

Melbourne now boasts the world’s largest Greek population outside of Greece.