Where should I live when stationed at Whidbey Island?

Where should I live when stationed at Whidbey Island?

Best Places to Live Near NAS Whidbey Island

  • Bellingham is the county seat of Whatcom County, and about a 50-minute drive from base.
  • Mount Vernon is another county seat, this time of Skagit County.
  • La Conner is a town for those who like to slow things down.

What squadrons are in Whidbey Island?

NAS Whidbey Island is near the San Juan Islands, the Olympic mountains, and described as “the premiere naval aviation installation in the Pacific Northwest”. The Naval Air Station mission includes all squadrons which fly the EA-18G Growler, plus P-3 Orion, P-8 Poseidon and EP-3E Aries missions.

What is the name of the naval base on Whidbey Island?

Naval Air Station Whidbey Island

Naval Air Station Whidbey Island
Coordinates 48°21′07″N 122°39′21″WCoordinates: 48°21′07″N 122°39′21″W
Type Naval Air Station
Site information
Owner Department of Defense

What planes are at NAS Whidbey Island?

EP-3E Aries II.

  • P-8 Poseidon. The P-8A Poseidon is being designed to. replace the P-3C Orion as a long-range. anti-submarine warfare (ASW), anti-surface.
  • The Aircraft of. Naval Air Station Whidbey Island.
  • EA-18G Growler.
  • MH-60S Knighthawk.
  • C-40 Clipper.
  • The Aircraft of. Naval Air Station Whidbey Island.
  • What is it like to live on Whidbey Island?

    Small Yet Diverse Community. It’s easy to get drowned out in a big city, and sometimes it can be harder to meet people. Whidbey Island has some of the nicest people I know. We live in small towns, so being kind and friendly has both long and short-term advantages.

    How many people work at NAS Whidbey?

    NASWI supports approximately 8,400 military personnel with an additional 18,500 family members, over 10,000 retirees, 500+ reservists, and 2,100 civilian employees.

    How many people go to NAS Whidbey?

    What is the population of Whidbey Island?

    Whidbey Island

    Nickname: “The Rock”
    Largest settlement Oak Harbor (pop. 23,204)
    Population 69,480 (2010 census)
    Pop. density 159.03/km2 (411.89/sq mi)

    Who is Ault Field named after?

    CDR William B. Ault
    The field was named Ault Field, in memory of CDR William B. Ault, missing in action in the Battle of the Coral Sea.

    How many people are stationed at NAS Whidbey?

    When was NAS Whidbey Island built?

    The construction of the airfield began in March 1942. The first aircraft landed at the field in August 1942. The NAS Whidbey Island was officially commissioned in September 1942.

    Is Whidbey Island a good place to retire?

    A national retirement publication has listed Whidbey Island in its book entitled “America’s 100 Best Places to Retire.” An extreme low tide at Seawall Park in Langley catches the eyes of visitors Tuesday.