Which are the 14 districts in Kerala name list?

List of Kerala Districts with Map

Which are the 14 districts in Kerala name list?

List of Kerala Districts with Map

  • Kannur District. Kannur is a one of the 14 districts of Kerala State in India.
  • Kasaragod District. Kasargod is the northernmost district of Kerala State of India.
  • Kozhikode District.
  • Malappuram District.
  • Wayanad District.
  • Ernakulam District.
  • Idukki District.
  • Palakkad District.

What are the 14 districts of Kerala and their headquarters?

List of Districts in Kerala

Sl. No. District District HQ
11 Pathanamthitta Pathanamthitta
12 Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram
13 Thrissur Thrissur
14 Wayanad Kalpetta

Which district is big in Kerala?

Palakkad city is located just 50 km away from Coimbatore, a major city in Tamil Nadu state. The total area of the district is 4,480 km2 (1,730 sq mi) which is 11.5% of the state’s area which makes it the largest district of Kerala….Palakkad district.

Palakkad District Palghat District Gateway of Kerala
Website www.palakkad.nic.in

What is Kerala district name?

Alphabetical listing

Code District Headquarters
KL Kollam Kollam
KT Kottayam Kottayam
KZ Kozhikode Kozhikode
MA Malappuram Malappuram

Which is the beautiful district in Kerala?

Munnar, located in undoubtedly the most beautiful district in Kerala – Idduki district, is one of the most known places to visit in Kerala. One of the most famous places in kerala, this place is known for its beauty and tea plantations making it the most visited tourist spot in India.

Which is poor district in Kerala?

The highest deprivation rate is seen in Palakkad (42.33 per cent) followed by Thiruvananthapuram (38.36 per cent) and Wayanad (36.33 per cent) districts. And the lowest deprivation rate is seen in Ernakulam (20.30 per cent), Kottayam (23.02 per cent) and Kannur (24.25 per cent) districts.

Which district is smallest in Kerala?

It consists of the whole of the Mahé region. Mahe is the smallest district of India by size. The total area of Mahe district is surrounded by North Malabar of Kerala State….Mahe district.

Mahe Mahé
Country India
Union territory Puducherry
• Total 8.69 km2 (3.36 sq mi)

Which is the state bird of Kerala?

Great hornbillKerala / Official bird

Which is the best district in Kerala?

Top 10 District of Kerala For Mountain and Backwater Tourism

  • Palakkad-The Gateway To Kerala.
  • Idukki-High Wavy Mountains.
  • Wayanad-Five Ghat Roads.
  • Thrissur-The Elephants Festival.
  • Kollam-Gateway To BackWaters.
  • Kasargod-Land of Lords and Forts.
  • Ernakulam-The Commercial Capital.
  • Kozhikode-The City of Spices.