Which thought pained the narrator and why?

Which thought pained the narrator and why?

The “painful thought” that haunts the narrator in “My Lost Dollar” is that if Todd owes him a dollar and has forgotten it, it is possible, indeed it is theoretically probable, that there must be men to whom the narrator owes a dollar which he has forgotten. That is why he likes to remain forgetful of all those dollars.

What did Todd owe the speaker in my lost dollar?

Todd has probably forgotten that he owes a dollar to the speaker. Author’s friend Todd borrowed a dollar on last year 8th April for paying a taxi fare. Todd had pay the change for taxi and he borrowed a dollar form the narrator. It happened quite simply and naturally.

Why does the author say he would never be able to pay the forgotten dollar?

Answer: The narrator had lent his friend Todd a dollar which the latter has forgotten to pay back. In this reference, the narrator mentions that despite Todd forgetting about his dollar, he bears Todd no grudge.

What was the effect of Todd’s failure?

Todd has failed to return the loan because of forgetfulness. This tells us that Todd is a careless and forgetful man. It means that the narrator’s friend’s act of borrowing a dollar and then forgetting to pay it back would not make any difference to their friendship.

What movement did the speaker want to start in the story my lost dollar?

Back to Honesty

What did Todd say about Poland?

I meet Todd very frequently. Only two nights ago I met him out at dinner and he was talking, apparently without self-consciousness, about Poland. He said that Poland would never pay her debts.

Why is the narrator willing to pay for Todd?

1 Answer. When Todd asked for the dollar, the narrator felt with certainty that Todd meant to pay it back to him, he therefore gave it to Todd willingly.

What did the narrator hope that Todd would remember when he mentioned Poland How was Poland connected to what the narrator was thinking about?

Answer. Answer: In the story “My Lost Dollar”, the narrator hoped that if he mentioned about Poland to Todd, he would be able remind Todd about the dollar he had not paid him. Poland was connected to what the narrator was thinking because Poland who too borrowed money from him didn’t return her the money.

What painful thought haunted the speaker why?

The very thought “haunts” the narrator because he realises that if he starts remembering and listing all whom he owes a dollar or so, the list might get longer and longer and he might find it a real trouble to repay the debt. That is why he likes to remain forgetful of all those dollars.

What does the speaker want to tell us about?

Explanation: In the poem ‘a day’ by poetess Emily Dickinson, wanted to tell us how the sun rose. Regarding sun set she admitted that she didn’t know how it happens.

Why did the narrator think that he has little prospect of getting back the dollar from tot?

Answer. Answer: The narrator explains that Todd meets him in the same frank friendly way as always. This indicates that he doesn’t remember the dollar.

How does the narrator feel about Todd?

1 Answer. The narrator feels uncomfortable at the thought of owing money to people. He feels that it is theoretically probable that there are people in the world from whom he may have taken a dollar but who haven’t asked their dollars back and whose dollar he too has forgotten about.

Who is the narrator of the story my lost dollar?

What does he owe the narrator of the story? Todd is the narrator’s friend who owes him a dollar.

What did Todd write in his note to the narrator?

Answer: hey mate, Todd sent a note from Hamilton, bermuda to his friend and our speaker in the story. in that note, he merely spoke about the weather conditions over there and said that the temperature was up to nearly 100.

What movement does Leacock want to start?

back to honesty movement

How much amount did Todd owe the speaker?

❤Answer️❤ Todd owed the speaker $1 that he borrowed when he was going to Bermuda while paying the taxi rent and forgot to return it back but the narrator was never able to forget that $1 and it created a slight difference in their friendship as the speaker was always thinking about that $1 that he gave to Todd.

Why is Stephen Leacock important?

Stephen Leacock was the English-speaking world’s best-known humorist between 1915 and 1925. He was awarded the Mark Twain Medal for humour, the Royal Society of Canada’s Lorne Pierce Medal and the Governor General’s Literary Award for non-fiction.

Who is the protagonist in the short story My Financial Career?

Answer: “My Financial Career” is a short story by Stephen Leacock. The story is written in the first person and tells the reader about a person going to the bank in order to open a bank account. The narrator describes the accountant as a ‘tall, cool devil,’ and that the very sight of him unsettles the narrator.

What is the man in Asbestos an allegory of?

An Allegory of the Future Hardcover – Import, January 1, 1990. Printed in an edition limited to 150 copies. This futurist story written by the popular Canadian humorist Leacock has observations of human nature which are as refreshing today as when they were first written in 1911.

What made the narrator feel that Todd had forgotten that he had borrowed anything from him?

Ans2) The narrator felt that Todd had forgotten that he had borrowed anything from him because he never reacted when the narrator tried to remind him about it in different ways. Also, he met him in the same friendly and frank manner as always.

How did the narrator his friend as?

Explanation: The girl friend of the narrator invited him to her wedding reception. The narrator attended the reception and met his girl friend’s husband, who was a handsome IAS Officer.

How do I become a Dr Stephen Leacock?

Summary of Stephen Leacock’s How T Be A Doctor

  1. Stephen Leacock is a Canadian essayist and short story writer.
  2. Stephen Leacock is proud while discussing the progress of science.
  3. Before 100 years, fever was cured by letting of the blood.
  4. Leacock discusses about the time taken by a person to become a qualified practioner.

What did Todd note from Bermuda contain?

In the short story ‘My Lost Dollar’ by Stephen Leacock, what did Todd write to his friend from Bermuda. Did the note contain what the speaker wished to see? The note did not contain what the speaker thought would be in it — the dollar that he had lent to Todd when he was going to Bermuda.

What is the name of Stephen Leacock friend?

The author to be safe asked his unknown friend about the news of Billy as he was sure that there was a man named Billy in every gang.

What kind of friendship was there between Todd and the narrator?

(iii) What kind of friendship was there between Todd and the narrator? Todd and the narrator were close friends. They liked each other’s company and therefore, met practically everyday at the club and remained in touch with each other. There existed trust and mutual understanding between the two.

Are the rich happy by Stephen Leacock?

The humor is a form of frustration or mild victimization, in this case the rich man’s sadness over the resignation of his butler. ”Are the rich happy? ” is written by Stephen Leacock, 1916. It is from the collection Further Foolishness: Sketches and Satires on the Follies of the Day.

What is the moral of the story my lost dollar?

The moral of the story is that small or big, one should return the money owed to others. That amount may be important for the lender. Further, it gives a great pain to the lender, if the borrower totally forgets about money borrowed. An honest man remembers the help done by friends.