Who is the best motivator?

Top 50 Most popular motivational speakers

Who is the best motivator?

Top 50 Most popular motivational speakers

#1 Bear Grylls #2 Tony Robbins #3 Mr. T
#4 Cesar Millan #5 Dave Ramsey #6 Nick Vujicic
#7 Eckhart Tolle #8 Deepak Chopra #9 Kevin O’Leary
#10 Malcolm Gladwell #11 Gary Vaynerchuk #12 Robert Kiyosaki
#13 Eric Thomas #14 Paula White #15 Barbara Corcoran

Who is the highest paid speaker in the world?

10 Highest-Paid Public Speakers In the World

  1. Donald Trump, $1-1.5 million:
  2. Ronald Reagan, $1 million:
  3. Tony Blair, $616,000:
  4. Bill Clinton, $150,000- $450,000:
  5. Rudy Guilani, $270,000:
  6. Alan Greenspan, $250,000:
  7. Lance Armstrong, $100,000 and up:
  8. Al Gore, $100,000-150,000:

What is a motivator in sport?

To become the best athlete you can be, you must be motivated to do what it takes to maximize your ability and achieve your goals. Motivation, simply defined, is the ability to initiate and persist at a task.

Why is Les Brown a great speaker?

Les Brown has the ability to energize and motivate people from all walks of life. He skillfully weaves life-changing and compelling influential stories that leave a lasting impact. So, when you leave his sessions, you walk out as a different person.

Which motivational speaker has maximum followers?

One of the most followed motivational speakers in India, Sandeep Maheshwari is very popular among young generation. He started with his YouTube channel. His channel has 20 million subscribers that make him the most popular speaker.

Who is the No 1 motivational speaker in India?

Priya Kumar is the most popular Indian motivational speaker. She is the author of 12 books, including novels and self-help books.