Who is the leader of the SNM gang?

Who is the leader of the SNM gang?

The killings were carried out on the orders of Billy “Wild Bill” Garcia, 66, of Albuquerque, acting in his capacity as a leader of the Syndicato de Nuevo Mexico (SNM) prison gang. Garcia, Troup and Gallegos were found guilty on May 25, 2018. Garcia was sentenced to life in prison on June 11, 2019.

What does SNM mean in prison?

The superseding indictment charged the ten defendants with participating in a criminal organization known as the Syndicato de Nuevo Mexico (SNM) Prison Gang that engaged in acts of violence and other criminal activities, including murder, kidnapping, attempted murder, conspiracy to manufacture and distribute narcotics.

What is the SNM gang in New Mexico?

Though SNM operates from New Mexico prisons, the gang relies on members released from prison to further its criminal enterprise through drug trafficking and violent crimes, he testified. SNM furnishes “start-up” kits of drugs, weapons and money to help convicts returning to the streets, cooperators testified.

How long is life in prison in NM?

(New Mexico repealed the death penalty in 2009). than 12 years of age that results in the death of the child. The penalty is life imprisonment (eligible for a parole hearing after serving 30 years of the sentence).

What is second degree murder in New Mexico?

Under New Mexico law, second-degree murder involves a defendant who kills another while engaging in conduct that he knows creates “a strong probability of death or great bodily harm” to another person.

What is a 4th degree felony in New Mexico?

Fourth-Degree Felony Examples of fourth-degree felonies include larceny (theft) of property worth more than $500 but no more than $2,500, personal possession of some illegal drugs (including methamphetamine and opiates), and aggravated assault. (N.M. Stat. §§ 30-3-2, 30-16-1, 30-31-23, 31-18-15 (2020).)

Who is the Texas Syndicate leader?

For a man about to spend at least the next 40 years of his life in prison, Roy Arredondo hardly seemed nervous.

What is TxGang?

A statewide repository of records related to criminal gangs and criminal street gang members. TxGang was mandated by the Texas Legislature in 1999, to encourage and expedite the exchange of criminal intelligence information between and among law enforcement agencies.

What is a fourth-degree felony in New Mexico?

What’s the punishment for involuntary manslaughter in New Mexico?

Penalties for involuntary manslaughter are generally less severe than other forms of homicide. However, in New Mexico, it is still a fourth-degree felony punishable by up to 18 months in prison and up to $5,000 in fines.