Who makes Harry Winston watch movements?

Who makes Harry Winston watch movements?

In news coming from both side of the equation today, 100% of the Harry Winston company has been acquired by none other than the owner of Omega, Breguet, Hamilton, and like a zillion other watch brands, the Swatch Group.

Where are Harry Winston watches made?

In 2007, manufacture began at a new specialist watchmaking facility in Geneva – and as part of the Swatch Group of companies, Harry Winston has been able to unite its design heritage with the finest traditions of Swiss horology.

Does Swatch own Harry Winston?

The Swatch Group Ltd. in Biel/Bienne acquires 100% of the shares of the US company HW Holdings Inc., owner of Harry Winston Inc., 718 Fifth Avenue, New York 0019 (NY).

How much is a Harry Winston ring?

$20,000 to $30,000
How much is Harry Winston engagement ring? These awe-inspiring engagement rings can cost anything from $20,000 to $30,000 or more. The price for each ring varies depending on color, clarity and the carat weight of the ring.

How much is a Harry Winston Opus 14?

roughly S$605,000
The movement was designed by watchmakers Franck Orny and Johnny Girardin, who earlier worked on Montblanc’s equally bonkers Metamorphosis watch from 2010 which has a changing dial (you have to see it here). The Opus 14 is limited to 50 pieces in white gold and is priced at 428,000 Swiss Francs or roughly S$605,000.

What is special about Harry Winston?

Harry Winston gained a reputation for being an exceptional craftsman. He took existing designs and redesigned them, acquiring new diamonds along the way. He became known for his notable diamonds, perhaps most importantly, the ‘Hope Diamond’. This is 45.52 carats in a mesmerizing deep blue.

Who bought Harry Winston?

Swatch Group
Jeweler Harry Winston is selling its high-end watches-to-necklaces division to Swatch Group in a $750 million cash deal that expands the Swiss watchmaker’s luxury offering and lets the Canadian group concentrate on its diamond mines.