Who sang the original ballroom blitz?

What year did Sweet release Ballroom Blitz?

Who sang the original ballroom blitz?

The Sweet
The Ballroom Blitz

“The Ballroom Blitz”
Songwriter(s) Nicky Chinn Mike Chapman
Producer(s) Phil Wainman
The Sweet singles chronology
“Hell Raiser” (1973) “The Ballroom Blitz” (1973) “Teenage Rampage” (1974)

What year did Sweet release Ballroom Blitz?

1974Ballroom Blitz / Released

Is Sweet still alive?

Connolly died in 1997, Tucker in 2002 and Priest in 2020. Andy Scott is still active with his version of the band. Sweet have since sold over 35 million albums worldwide….

The Sweet
Years active 1968–1981 1985–present
Labels RCA Capitol Polydor
Website Andy Scott’s Sweet: thesweet.com

Are any members of The Sweet still alive?

His death was confirmed by the band, who shared a statement from his family. “It is with a heavy heart that we announce at 8:25am PT today, Steve Priest, founding member of The Sweet, passed away. He is survived by his wife, Maureen, three daughters, Lisa, Danielle & Maggie and 3 grandchildren, Jordan, Jade & Hazel.

What Sweet album is ballroom blitz on?

Sweet Fanny AdamsBallroom Blitz / Album

Was Ballroom Blitz in Rocky Horror?

Some people believe that the Sweet song “Ballroom Blitz” was featured in this movie, and the people who think the song is in the film might be confusing the song for “The Time Warp”.

Did Krokus ever sing Ballroom Blitz?

Krokus performs in the music video “Ballroom Blitz” from the album “The Blitz” recorded for Arista Records.

Is Ballroom Blitz a good song?

‘Ballroom Blitz’ is well known, and honestly is a great hard rocker. It was the track that drew me to Sweet in the first place when I was 12….

Artist The Sweet
RYM Rating 3.87 / 5.0 from 666 ratings
Ranked #42 for 1973, #1,839 overall
Genres Glam Rock Hard Rock, Power Pop

Who died from the band Sweet?

bassist Steve Priest
Steve Priest, the bassist and co-founder of glam rock band Sweet, has died at the age of 72. He was known for his playful humour and outrageous costumes when Sweet played hits like Blockbuster and Little Willy on Top of the Pops in the 1970s.

Who wrote The Sweet’s songs?

The new lineup of Sweet signed to RCA Records in 1971, where they were placed under the direction of songwriters Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman. Chinn and Chapman wrote a number of light bubblegum pop songs for the group, the first of which, “Funny Funny,” reached number 13 on the U.K. charts.

Who covered Ballroom Blitz?


Title Performer Release date
Ballroom Blitz Batmobile 1988
Ballroom Blitz Long Tall Texans 1989
Ballroom Blitz The Metal Gurus December 3, 1990
Ballroom Blitz Nuclear Assault 1991