Why is computer assisted instruction important for teachers?

Why is computer assisted instruction important for teachers?

It allows students to have an active role in the teaching and learning process. It provides teachers with more options to teach and more time to evaluate progress of activities. It prevents barrier such as when, where, and limited resources.

What is computer assisted learning in the classroom?

computer-assisted learning (CAL) Any use of computers to aid or support the education or training of people. CAL can test attainment at any point, provide faster or slower routes through the material for people of different aptitudes, and can maintain a progress record for the instructor.

How is computer assisted learning different from computer based learning?

The basic difference is that CAL is normally intended for a single user in a one to one relationship with the computer program. The learning takes place through a computer based medium using learning programmes stored on CD ROMS, floppy disks or on local or networked hard-drives.

Is computer assisted instruction effective in education?

A meta-analysis of findings from 254 controlled evaluation studies showed that computer-based instruction (CBI) usually produces positive effects on students. The studies covered learners of all age levels — from kindergarten pupils to adult students.

What are the components of computer assisted instruction?

This is made up of two components, computer aided instruction (CAI) modules (often called courseware) and a management system to manage the learning.

What is the computer based instruction?

Computer-based instruction, or CBI, is a teaching approach that integrates computer software programs with other teaching materials in the classroom. Other terms used for CBI are: computer-based training, computer-assisted instruction and computer-assisted learning.

How computer based learning is most effective?

Computer-based learning is cost effective in many ways, as it reduces travel time and also the same application can be used to teach new students or users. The learning also offers safety and flexibility as well as helps learners to track their progress.

How computer Assisted learning helpful for weak students?

Students learning these subjects benefit from the kind of adaptive repetition that a computer program can supply. This adaptivity means that the program can recognize patterns of weakness and can tailor questions and activities to strengthen those areas in a way that a written workbook would be unable to replicate.